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Sing and Learn Languages for Children


Children who are bilingual (or multilingual) have been shown to have a cognitive edge. Learning languages gives growing brains a serious workout and help them to learn about the world.

Educational Esteem has a wealth of foreign language resources.

Chinese is widely regarded as the super language of the future. In fact, it is increasingly being taught in primary and secondary schools around Australia. Read more

Songs and Books About Bugs and other creepy crawlies


Slithery, scaly, furry and tickly…bugs and creepy crawlies are certainly an intriguing and fun subject to help learn about science, nature and movement.

Singing Science from Tickle Tune Typhoon will lead listeners on a magical journey of songs dedicated to animals, insects, stars and the sea, among lots of other things. There are 31 tracks on this collection and include “Night Creatures”, “Constellation Cowboy”, “This Old Bone”, “Arachnids” and “Backyard Safari”. Tickle Tune Typhoon is a musical performance troupe that creates music to educate children on subjects including the environment, health, science, friendship and spirituality and wellbeing. Co-founders Lorraine Bayes and Dennis Westphal have been creating music and entertainment for children since the 1980s and their resources and performances have been used by schools and preschools in the United States and other parts of the world. The philosophy of the group is to create music for the “whole child” and to involve students in musical learning. Read more

Farm Themed Books and Music for Children


A farm is full of life and inspiration for children. Some of the best-loved children’s songs are about farms (Old Macdonald Had a Farm, anyone?).

In Play School on the Farm DVD, the much-loved team explore the animals that live on farms through song, dance, stories and activities. Presenters Justine Clarke, Matt Passmore and Karen Pang take little viewers on a journey of a farm – Justine and Matt set up a play farm, real sheep come to visit the Play School set and the toys enjoy a game of cricket. Songs to sing along to include “Old McDonald”, “Little Boy Blue”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”. Read more

Gift Ideas for Children



Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or an occasion like the birth of a baby, christening or a religious or cultural celebration, music is a wonderful gift.

At Educational Esteem there is a range of music and storytelling CDs to appeal to many tastes.

The Mermaid’s Shoes and Other Enchanted Tales is by storyteller extraordinaire Jenni Cargill and is suitable from for children aged three years and up. With no scary stories, it is fine for listening to before going to bed. It has sixty minutes worth of stories and songs and a four-page booklet with lyrics and story information. The title story is an original tale about the mermaid of Byron. Unique and unusual acoustic instruments are featured on the album include zyladrum, lyre, chavaquino, tabla, harp and bells. Culturally, the stories and songs range between Australia, China, Ireland, Russia and Japan. Read more

Play School Artists


Some of the most popular children’s music artists in Australia are cast members of ABC’s Play school. In fact, a CD from one (or all) of these people – Justine Clarke, Jay Laga’aia and Georgie Parker – can be found in a great number of Australian families’ favourite playlists.

The multi-talented Justine Clarke is the Australian queen of children’s music. Her CDs are all best sellers and have won numerous awards.

Songs to Make You Smile is Clarke’s follow up to her hit debut album I Like to Sing. Equally engaging, Songs to Make you Smile is a musical journey through different sounds and moods – a rockabilly swing to of ‘Mrs Knife and Mr Fork’, the rock sounds of ‘Jelly Jelly Jelly’ and the James Taylor-esque lullaby ‘Creatures Of The Rain And Sun’. Clarke infuses her songs with different musical influences that are equally appealing to adults as much as children. Two of the most popular songs on this album are ‘Dinosaur Roar’ and ‘Imagination’, which both encourage movement and are ideal for use in early education settings. Read more

Timelessly Entertaining Fairy Tales


Timelessly entertaining, fairy tales are an important part of childhood.

There’s few better ways to introduce storytelling, literacy and fun to your child’s life.

Educational Esteem has resources for all the most beloved fairy tales.

The ultimate tale of rags to riches is Cinderella – the story with a wicked stepmother and sisters, a fairy godmother, handsome prince, glamorous gowns and the message that it is always best to be nice and kind.

The Child’s Play publication of Cinderella features vibrant illustrations and interactive ‘flip-up flaps’ so children can join in with the experience. For teachers and child care professionals this range of books can support learning objectives of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies and the National Curriculum and reinforce the lessons of emotional literacy and citizenship. Read more

Parent Friendly Music for Kids


Admit it: it’s such a relief when we hear music for our child that’s also fun for adults too.

There is a great selection of children’s artists who create quite modern, upbeat and engaging tunes for the whole family. These artists are also great to play at day care centres and kindergartens.

Justine Clarke is the queen of the modern children’s music scene in Australia. Her album Great Big World has songs that tell the wonderment of a child’s view of life. “Climbing up the Rainbow” is reminiscent of early 1980s Britpop and “My Granny Loves to Laugh” has a folksy, nostalgic feel. Justine covers many musical styles – jazz, pop, lullabies, folk, and soul. Read more

TOP 10 Songs Pre-schoolers Should Know


Singing with your little one isn’t just fun, it’s a vital way to teach social engagement, literacy and coordination.

Learning songs with repetition and high frequency words will reap emotional and educational rewards for your child and set them on the path to a lifelong appreciation of words and music.

At Educational Esteem we have so many music resources and here we have chosen the 10 songs we think every pre-schooler should know.

“Kookaburra Sits” is an Aussie classic that virtually all children learn. The song, which was written in 1932 for a contest being held by the Victorian Girl Guides, has delightful repetitive nature that has never lost its appeal: “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree/Merry, merry king of the bush is he/”…it’s a favourite on Play School, Kindergartens and homes across the country. A great collection of songs that features this perennial favourite is Classic Campfire Singalong from ABC for Kids. Read more

More Music for Babies


Music has a crucial role in developing your baby’s brain. The benefits of music are many – it is fun, helps babies learn patterns, sequence, beat, rhythm and language and literacy. Music actually wires your baby’s brain for learning.
It’s never too early to introduce your baby to music. Even in utero, a developing child will respond to music and it has been proven that once out of the womb, a baby can recognise songs that its mother played to her before she was born.
There are many wonderful baby music resources available from Educational Esteem.
Celtic Lullaby is a beautiful collection of tranquil songs from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales that are guaranteed to soother your little one to a blissful sleep. In fact, this collection is suitable for all ages; such is its peacefulness and appeal for bedtime listening or quiet time. The first track is “Einini”, a traditional Irish lullaby sung by legendary folk singer Tommy Sands. There’s also the traditional Welsh lullaby “Si Hei Lwli” which is literally translated to mean “sleep my baby” and has been sung to babies in Wales for generations. There are more relaxing, lingering songs including “Arrane Saveenagh” is a Manx (Isle of Man) lullaby and “Dream Angus” is a lovely song written by Annie Lennox and is influenced by her Scottish heritage. This collection is a must for your family and also makes a great baby shower or new baby gift.  Read more

More Music Resources for Children with Special Needs


Providing innovative resources for children with special needs is one of our passions here at Educational Esteem. Here’s a selection of some of the best collections.

Fittersitters is a specialised 30-minute exercise program for people with limited ability to stand or those who need to “get fit while you sit”. The CD features warm-ups, vigorous exercises and cool downs that help improve range of motion, body spatial orientation and general well being. Appropriate for children aged five-plus right up to older people and especially for children with complex special physical needs.

More Songs About Me features eleven songs focus on a child’s ‘me’ world and can be used with one child or entire group. Music therapist Bill Janiak has a clear, simple and repetitive style to help children with special needs explore and improve skills like body part identification, motor and language development, counting, listening and emotional awareness. Janiak has been an early childhood specialist and music therapist of over 40 years. He specialises in movement recordings and his philosophy is ‘we learn by doing’.

Read more