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Ways To Bring Music Into Your And Your Children’s Lives

Music is not just entertainment. It brings beauty, energy, harmony and fun into our lives. Sharing the wonderful and varied world of music with our children will enrich everyone’s life and make a difference in our everyday experiences. Here`re some ideas and things to think about:

Begin the day with an energetic song or tune. A great idea to start a getting up routine and transform it into something more enjoyable than just staying next to your child`s bed and trying to convince him/her to get up. Try different tunes, instrumental or lively songs, to see what you both prefer and change it from time to time to keep the habit alive. Children like small enjoyable tasks like – be ready by the time the music finishes.


  • Any Marches
  • Latin Music (Ricky Martin’s energising songs, for example)
  • Good Morning Exercises For Kids
  • Any Rock’N’Roll CDs

Finish your day with a soothing/relaxing type of music. Again it’s a good chance to introduce a preparing for bed routine. Eventually it’ll become like an unconscious signal for them. Choose something you both like and try to keep this habit interesting with a variety of music you play. There are a lot of CDs to choose from. Read a book with pleasant music playing in the background. Use this time for bonding with your child.


  • Martin Lass Sonnet;
  • Ottmar Liebert In The Arms Of Love
  • Natural Stress Relief;
  • Tony O’Connor’s CDs;
  • Songs FromSecretGarden;
  • Ready For Bed;
  • Cradled By Nature;
  • Celtic Twilight 3 Lullabies;
  • Lullababy;
  • Little Dreamer;
  • Lullabies & Butterflies;
  • Nature Sounds;
  • Ocean Dreams;
  • Quiet Escapes;
  • Play To Rest

Travelling has become a necessity in our everyday life. Play music in the car depending on your mood. Soothing for babies and lively, fun to distract older children from asking all the time “Are we there yet?”


  • Any Relaxation CDs
  • Car Songs;
  • Travelling Songs;
  • The Wheels On The Bus

Purchase or make yourself age appropriate musical toys or any other rhythm instruments like bells, rattles, drums, xylophones, etc. Let them experiment and explore new sounds. Join other parents and their babies/toddlers with home made instruments and it will help your child communicate with other babies/toddlers.

Your children can use scarves, ribbons or even feathers to express themselves, improvise, sing and dance. Why not join them sometimes. It’s fun!


  • Young Dancer Vol. 1
  • Young Dancer Vol. 2
  • Moving With Mozart
  • Gary & Carol Crees Favourite Songs
  • Jump Start Action Songs With Ronno
  • Castles, Knights & Unicorns
  • Coco’s Lunch Wally Wombat Shuffle

Pregnant? Having a baby or a toddler in the house? Sing anything to them. They will love listening to your voice. Don’t worry about your vocal capabilities, your child won’t care. Share your own childhood memories with your favorite lullabies and songs. If they worked for you as a child, your child will definitely enjoy them too. Forgot lyrics? Check our Links or Songs Lists pages.

Don’t ignore old-fashioned nursery rhymes and other traditional songs. They’ve passed the test of time and can’t be substituted with anything for their rich vocabulary, rhyme and creative silliness. They are just great for developing speech, memory, imagination and listening skills to say nothing of the action/fingerplay rhymes that are fantastic to move to. This helps kids develop a sense of order, coordination and rhythm.


  • Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
  • 100 Favourite Activity Songs & Rhymes
  • Where Is Thumbkin?
  • Love To Sing & Dance
  • Love My First Songbook
  • Five Little Monkeys
  • Six Little Ducks
  • 50 Great Nursery Rhymes
  • 50 Great Nursery Rhymes Vol. 2
  • Love To Sing Songbook
  • Song For Kids Vol. 1
  • Songs For Kids Vol. 2
  • Songs For Kids Vol. 3
  • Songs For Kids Vol. 4

Use educational songs where appropriate instead of didacticism (sometimes it just doesn’t work) for introducing healthy habits and manners in your household and everyday life like eating right, safety, brushing teeth, washing hands etc and there are great songs for character education about sharing, friendship, responsibility, self-esteem and successful conflict resolution.


  • Health, Hygiene & Hugs
  • Safety
  • Building Character
  • Healthy Habits For Early Learners
  • Yes, I Can! Songs by Ronno
  • Piggyback Songs
  • Go Seek! Let’s Pretend
  • Positively Singable Songs

Do you feel your child is addicted to TV? Many children actually don`t care what they are watching; they just want to hear sound in the background while they play. Why not to try musical games, dancing, exercising, singing or playing with puppets/toys instead?


  • Preschool Aerobic Fun
  • Kids In Motion
  • The Wheels On The Bus
  • Preschool Action Time
  • Kidding Around
  • Love To Sing & Dance
  • Dances For Little Kids Vol. 1
  • Dances For Little Kids Vol. 2
  • Action Songs For Preschoolers
  • Toddlerific!

Using music in your house will help you to create a positive atmosphere for your children; stimulate their imagination and memory because it can accelerate learning in maths and reading. Classical music, as discovered, improves creative thinking and concentration; modern upbeat tunes assist to learn basic maths and phonics concepts through rhythm.


  • Any classical CDs
  • Maths With Mozart

Do you want to help your children with their school subjects like science, geography, social studies, foreign languages or history? World music will make geography and social studies alive and children will associate many countries, languages, nationalities and different traditions with unique music from those countries. There are songs about science as well that will help your children memorise a lot of fascinating facts about our world.


  • World Playground
  • World Playground 2
  • Dreamland: World Lullabies & Soothing Songs
  • African Playground
  • Latin Playground
  • Songs Around The World For Young Children
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • Science Songs
  • Sing & Learn About Science

Listen to different types and styles of music with your children, it will help especially small children understand and explore for themselves a wide range of moods and emotions before they can put them into words. Surrounded by different music children will soon realise that it can be used to relax, to think or just enjoy.


  • Kinderjazz’s CDs;
  • Reggae For Kids;
  • Jazz For Kids;
  • Coco’s Lunch Wally Wombat Shuffle;
  • Any classical CDs for different moods;

Most children enjoy painting/drawing/playing with clay or play dough or just doing a craft project. Set the stage with classical music, it has been discovered that listening to classical music can increase memory and concentration.


  • Here Comes The Fun;
  • Babies Love Mozart;
  • Playtime With Beethoven;
  • The Kids’ Collection Of Greatest Classics (Vol. 1-3)
  • The Classical Child Collection

Is your kitchen a kid-friendly zone? It`s a great place for them to learn about different foods and nutrition, try new recipes and spend your quality time all together. Make this experience enjoyable for all participants with fun food music!


  • Kids In The Kitchen;
  • Music For Casual Cooking & Dining

Encourage and develop your child’s interest in music. Visit age appropriate music concerts/performances or consider your child`s favourite music style CD for his/her birthday present or any other special occasion. Surely they will be very pleased.

Getting ready for a kids’ party? Don`t forget lively music to entertain and have fun with. Why not to learn a few new dances?


  • Children’s Games;
  • Dance Party

Want to go further than just listening to music and planning music lessons? According to scientists the best time to start formal music education is between ages 3 and 10. And keep in mind music lessons are not just about music itself, it teaches self-discipline, responsibility and perseverance. Children involved in playing and studying a musical instrument have better grades! This is a proven scientific fact!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with music what ever the purpose is. Try to be creative and imaginative yourselves and your children will definitely appreciate it, benefit from it and even take after you. What can be more precious than spending quality time with your children whatever the activity?


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