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Ideas for Creative Projects with Children

Modern children are surrounded by all things digital from an early age, starting with flashing electronic toys, computer games and high tech gadgets as they get older. Their brains are constantly being stimulated with a myriad of electronic and digital products. Without clear proof, caregivers are left wondering if these toys are really beneficial for a child’s development. Or, are parents simply succumbing to media marketing campaigns telling them that these products are beneficial and necessary? A short visit to any supermarket or toy store provides us with the answer to this question. Modern toys have transformed the nature of kids’ play by creating generations of children who know straight away which buttons to push on new toys, but also become easily bored if asked to read a book or create something on paper. Contemporary children’s toys appeal to children visually, but often fail to foster a child’s imagination and creativity. These products become “babysitters” rather than helping prompt imagination. Luckily, there are many simple ideas to ensure children have fun without any involvement in commercialism. Here are our 10 favourite project ideas:

Create a Picture Book

The idea is to create a book about a family event, outing or just a day in your life. Children can take pictures and sequence them, then write or verbalize descriptions about each picture. Let them suggest a title and decorate the pages.

Create a Family Recipe Book

Gather your favourite family recipes and let your child write them in a homemade book. If desired, take pictures of each finished recipe as you prepare it in the future. This is a great project for children who are learning to write.

Create Memories with Scrap-booking

Family scrap booking is a rewarding idea for all family members. Plan your project carefully and involve you kids in choosing pictures, writing simple descriptions, and talking about the event that has been chosen for the project.

Play with Ribbons or Scarves

Let your kids turn their play space into a magical place where they can fly, jump and flutter with capes, ribbons and scarves! Classical music is a perfect choice for creating an environment of movement and fun.

Music suggestions for playing with ribbons and scarves

Make Hand Made Puzzles

Turn your child’s art projects into brain teasers. Start with simple pictures for smaller children, and more complex ones for older kids. Simply cut art work or pictures into puzzle pieces and let children have fun and be challenged by putting them back together.

Play with Wordless Books

This activity is suitable for very young children and proves beneficial for fostering imagination and  language development. Let your child peruse a book with pictures and no words, and help them describe a story or what they see. Family picture albums are a wonderful choice for this project.

You can check our Wordless books here.

Create a Collage or Poster

This is a great activity for kids to build self-esteem and can also be used as room décor when completed! Help your child make a collage poster of either themselves by using photographs and mementos, or utilise old cards, book illustrations or any other photo media that you’d like to recycle. You’ll be delighted to put this on your wall!

Create a Vocabulary Notebook

Teach new words and spelling with this creative approach to expanding your child’s vocabulary. You will need a large scrapbook and photos or pictures of everyday objects. Old magazines and papers work great! Children may paste the pictures to the scrapbook, and write the names of the objects that they’ve chosen. Try grouping pictures of a common theme such as, beach, kitchen, school, vegetables, etc.

Extend Children’s Books with Paper Crafts

Compliment you child’s favourite book with puppets, masks or other crafty projects made from paper or recycled materials. Ask them to make an item that relates to something in the story, and then use it to act out scenes from the book, use character voices and interpret the story.

Books with pattern ideas

Make a Card

Kids love to make things they can give to others in return! Cards are the perfect project to be shared! The opportunity to create a real-life project is very meaningful for kids and allows them the opportunity to feel they’ve accomplished something fantastic! Card designs are endless, and can be made with inexpensive supplies like foam shapes, paint, glitter or whatever you have lying around the house.

The most valuable aspect of the above projects is the fact that they provide interaction and bonding between children and their caregivers. There is nothing more important for kids than knowing their work is admired, appreciated and cherished!

Ella Wright


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