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Music in Preschool

MUSIC IN YOUR CHILDCARE/KINDERGARTEN/PRESCHOOL “Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child`s potential for development.”
Dr. Clive Robbins, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Clinic

Children and music. A marriage made in heaven. They are so natural with it from the very start. Modern children tend to spend more of their time in childcare and it is obvious that they are taught a lot of new skills by their child care workers and teachers who are responsible for providing enriched stimulating environments. Many of them may be wondering where music can fit into their programmes. Literally everywhere. It can make such a difference if you add a song, a dance, a rhyme or a funny finger play to your everyday activities. There are so many ways to introduce music into your day in childcare. Here are a few ideas, recommendations and tips for you to consider:

Personalise a chant that can turn routine into a fun game.
Use a special welcome song or tune for easing the transition from home to childcare.
Bridge home and your centre by inviting parents to share music from their family or culture.
Calm overtired kids with a soothing melody or song.
Use a particular song or tune for a transition from one activity to another.
Play musical games. They are fun and especially handy for rainy days.
Finish a day with a song containing a positive message.
Do a craft project with music to stimulate imagination and creativity.
Set the scene or draw kids into your topic by playing a particular tune or a song.
Using beautiful music in your office or staff room helps concentration and eases tension.
Early childhood educators recommend for children to listen to different music styles: jazz, reggae, multicultural, classical, pop, traditional, calypso etc.
Linking particular songs or tunes with your teaching makes it more meaningful and relevant for them. Great titles and songs to check for your theme based teaching:

Farms – On The Farm With Ronno
Pets – Don Spencer The Wonderful World Of Pets
Space – Journey Into Space; Songs From Outer Space
Australia – Songs For Aussie Kids; Don Spencer Thumbs Up! Australia; A World Of Kids: Australia; Ian Blakeney A To Z OfAustralia For Kids
Africa – African Playground
Safety – Safety
Transport – Cars, Trucks & Trains
Teddy Bears – Teddy Bear Tunes
Colours And Shapes – Songs About Colours & Shapes
Insects – Incy Wincy Spider; Songs About Insects, Bugs & Squiggly Things
Dinosaurs – Once Upon A Dinosaur; Dinosaurs
Oceans – Oceans; What`s In The Sea?
Science – Sing & Learn About Science; Science Songs
Christmas – Love To Sing Christmas With You; Raffi`s Christmas Album
Alphabet & Counting – Counting & Alphabet Fun
Community Helpers – Ronno People In Our Neighbourhood

Have even more fun while cooking with music.
Don`t be afraid to sing. It`s not a performance; it`s a musical communication children understand the best.
It is possible to choose appropriate CDs or adjust available music for children with special needs. A tip: choose CDs with children singing, the songs performed by kids are usually of slower pace.
Creative movement expands children`s imagination. Instrumental/classical pieces are great for this (ideas: a falling leaf, a butterfly, a bumblebee, animals, flowers, etc.)
Experts say children are primarily kinesthetic learners and recommend songs that afford fine-motor opportunities such as finger plays.
It`s a good idea to tie in a song with some of the best in children`s literature.
Presenting information in a multisensory way (a combination of visual, auditory and kinesthetic elements) strengthens learning.
Choosing age appropriate music with lyrics capturing children`s hearts and souls enhances learning as well. They remember it and truly believe it if this or that song touches their emotions.
Encouraging children to join singing/dancing/playing music builds their self-esteem and self-confidence.
Teach and practice new skills with a song. What a better way to explain basic safety rules, for example, using a song with simple recommendations children will sing, act and follow.
Introduce action time between activities for children to distract, exercise a little and wake up the muscles. Variety in activities is vital for children as they are still learning to learn.
Add music activities and games to your parties or fund raising events. It will definitely brighten up your day.
Consider a good CD as a gift for your stuff members or as a graduation present for children and they surely enjoy it for many years to come.

Whatever you do with music in your child care/kindergarten, enthusiasm and fun are the key elements, you just can’t go wrong with music that motivates and creates fun for everybody. Do you have any other ideas? Write to us and we`ll add it to the list for everybody to benefit from it.


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