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The Magic of Justine Clarke

Mention the name “Justine” to most Australian parents with preschoolers and under-7s and they’ll immediately know you mean Justine Clarke.
Justine Clarke is an actor (Home & Away, Tangle), singer/songwriter and Play School presenter who is legendary among her pint-sized fans (as well as their parents!).
With three hugely successful CDs in her repertoire, Clarke’s catchy, happy tunes are a must for your family’s music collection.
I Like to Sing

Her first album, “I like to Sing”, features songs about going to the library, the animals that live in gumtrees, eating watermelon, and, of course, singing. Perfect for preschoolers, “I like to Sing” introduces children to a wonderful world of things that happen in the day-to-day and puts an imaginative twist on it. An example of this is the boppy lyrics for “Dancing Chicken” (didn’t have no feathers/didn’t wear no pants/but the kettle started singin’ when/that chicken did its dance) and Let’s Dress Up (sometimes I wonder why I have to stay/being the same person day after day/so out with the clothes box and on with the gear/and very soon somebody different is there).

Songs to Make You Smile

“Songs to Make You Smile” is Clarke’s follow-up and does not disappoint. A wonderful mix of stomping tunes (“Dinosaur Roar”), Pop/rock (“Jelly Jelly Jelly”) and soulful (“Why does the Baby Cry?”), this album is fun and easy listening, especially for the car. (And we parents know just how important it is to have great kids’ music on in the car!)

In Clarke’s world, the possibilities for fun and exploration are endless whether it is looking at the humble knife and fork in a unique way (“Mrs Knife and Mr Fork”) or making teddy into a superhero (“If my Teddy Bear Could Talk”).

Great for 3+.

Great Big World

The latest offering from Clarke is “Great Big World” and as the title suggests, the songs on this album are a celebration of her ability to tap into the wonderment of a child’s view of life.  “Climbing up the Rainbow” is reminiscent of early 1980s Britpop and “My Granny Loves to Laugh” has folksy, nostalgic feel.

Justine borrows from many musical styles – jazz, pop, lullabies, folk, and soul – great for little ones’ musical and social development.

You’ll find yourself singing along to these tunes and loving it!


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