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Archive for October, 2010

Music for Children’s Christmas

It’s nearly that time of year again – Christmas.

It is magical at the best of times but with kids Christmas is even more spectacular. One of the greatest things about the festive season is the music and we have some wonderful Christmas music choices that the whole family will enjoy. Read more

Peter Combe

Before Justine Clarke, Jay Laga’aia and The Wiggles, the undisputed king of the kids in Aussie children’s entertainment during the 80s and 90s was Peter Combe – and his music is still as relevant and engaging as ever. Peter, a trained primary school teacher, is from South Australia and beloved by kids and parents who appreciate his clever and engaging lyrics and ebullient and often quirky performing style. He is certainly regarded as the trailblazer in terms of bringing children’s entertainment into the mainstream. Read more