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Storytelling for Children

As well as being enormously entertaining, storytelling serves many educational and social development purposes. For one, it aids in developing your child’s imagination. No doubt all of us as one time have let our minds be transported as soon as we hear the famous words “Once upon a time…”.
Storytelling also improves young children’s reading and literacy skills. Their vocabulary is strengthened and they learn the meaning of the words through the context of the story. Listening to stories at bedtime or other quiet times is a way for children to relax and may even help them get to sleep with magical tales of faraway lands.
New Zealand’s Tanya Batt is a world renowned storyteller who trains teachers and caregivers in the art. Educational Esteem has an extensive range of Batt’s CDs instore. The Fairytale Tree is a magical, musical, worded journey to the island where the Fairytale Tree grows. Or, there is Imagined Worlds, a CD and book that adults can use to confidently introduce dramatic activities to their little ones’ lives with tracks including “What have you got in your apron?”, “Crystal Ball” and “I travelled all over the land and the sea”.
Ever-popular Aussie singer, songwriter and performer Peter Combe presents Classic Fairytales. Combe retells four classic tales – Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears with his trademark wit, quirky style and a song to go with each story.
Jenni Cargill is an award-winning Australian storyteller who uses the sea landscapes and destinations of the country to influence her stories and songs. The Mermaid’s Shoes and Other Enchanted Tales is for children aged 3 and up and the title track is about a mermaid from Byron Bay and the entire album features an array of musical instruments like the Lyre, harp and bells.
Jim Weiss is somewhat of a legend in the world storytelling community. Weiss has several CD titles including A Christmas Carol and Other Favourites, Animal Tales and Tales from Cultures Far and Near that  will appeal to parents as well as kids – a perfect way to wind down and have quality time together.
Educational Esteem values storytelling as an integral part of your child’s development and enjoyment so take a look instore and let your imagination roam free!


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