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Tanya Batt

New Zealand’s Tanya Batt is a world renowned storyteller who trains teachers and caregivers in the art, as well as producing a popular range of CDs that are some of Educational Esteem’s most popular items.

As well as being enormously entertaining, storytelling serves many educational and social development purposes. For one, it aids in developing your child’s imagination. No doubt all of us as one time have let our minds be transported as soon as we hear the famous words “Once upon a time…”.

Batt’s philosophy is that delight and curiosity form the basis for enjoyable and effective lifelong learning.  She is a trained teacher (with a penchant for sumptuous dresses as part of her performances) who specialises in picture books, folk tale collections and audio story recordings that appeal to the “young and young at heart”. In her determination to explore and develop human potential through the mediums of storytelling and story making, Batt created the Once Upon an Island Festival and Story Centre that contains a library of story resources from around the world and operates as a workshop and performance space.

 Some of the titles we have available at Educational Esteem are The Fairytale Tree, which is a magical, musical, worded journey to the island where the Fairytale Tree grows. Or, there is Imagined Worlds, a CD and book that adults can use to confidently introduce dramatic activities to their little ones’ lives with tracks including “What have you got in your apron?”, “Crystal Ball” and “I travelled all over the land and the sea”.

The Fabrics of Fairytales is another whimsical and imaginative offering that combine’s Batt’s lifelong love of fabrics and textures and her gift for storytelling.  In this collection Batt brings together her favourite stories about fabrics from around the world and shows how storytelling can be a magical weaving process. Box of Foxes is a story and music collection that features the crafty character of the fox in popular tales including “Chicken Licken” and “The Gingerbread Man”.

There is plenty to choose from so why not enter the world of Tanya Batt by trying one of the titles at Educational Esteem? As Batt herself would say “Come exercise your imagination…”.


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