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The Best of 2010 in Music and Stories for Kids

It has been a great year for kids’ music so let’s take a look at the best of 2010’s offerings from Educational Esteem.

Justine Clarke, the queen of Australian children’s music, released Great Big World in 2010 and as the title suggests, the songs on this album are a celebration of her ability to tap into the wonderment of a child’s view of life.  “Climbing up the Rainbow” is reminiscent of early 1980s Britpop and “My Granny Loves to Laugh” has folksy, nostalgic feel.

Justine borrows from many musical styles – jazz, pop, lullabies, folk, and soul – great for little ones’ musical enjoyment, as well as mum and dad! (You’ll be guaranteed to be singing along in the car to her tunes.) Justine’s CDs are a “must-have” for any Aussie kid’s music collection.

Putumayo Kids added two more titles to its eclectic collection – Rock & Roll Playground and Jazz Playground.  These CDs are guaranteed to get the whole family movin’ and groovin’!

Rock & Roll Playground has contemporary tunes inspired by the musical genre that shook the world. Artists include popular US children’s music entertainer Dan Zanes, to up-and- comers like 2009 Grammy nominee Brady Rymer, Parents’ Choice® Gold award winner Roger Day and John Lennon Songwriting Contest winners Rhythm Child.  For rockin’ great family fun, Rock & Roll Playground is a winner.

Jazz Playground features music from all over the world and celebrates the global diversity of the genre – Latin and African, swing, bebop and even tracks from Australia, Canada and Japanese artists. 

All Together Action Songs by Scott Browne marked the latest addition to the “All Together” series of music for preschoolers. All Together Action Songs features simply-themed songs with dance, whole body and clapping actions.  Songs include “Dinosaur in a Shop”, “I’m a Little Robot”, “Worms” and “Walk in the Park” and deal with aspects of a child’s world in an active and fun way.

Elemental by Tanya Batt showcases the ethereal and unique talents of the New Zealand storyteller. Elemental is a collection of traditional stories, written songs and created music, which draw upon the four elements – earth, wind, fire and water. Tanya’s dedication to ensuring that children have the opportunity to listen to stories (as well as play based on the imaginings that come from storytelling) is illustrated in this collection of retold Native American and Australian Aboriginal tales. This is best suited for 3-7 years.

We are looking forward to bringing you the best of music for kids in 2011.


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