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Jenni Cargill-Strong

Jenni Cargill-Strong issues a warning before you buy her storytelling CDs – “These CD’s may stimulate your child’s imagination and cause repeated listening!”.
With all these possibilities who wouldn’t want to delve into Jennie Cargill-Strong’s storytelling world?
Cargill-Strong is an Australian storyteller with unbridled enthusiasm and passion for her art and uses dramatic skills and a beautiful singing voice to hold her audience.
At Educational Esteem we love her work. The Mermaid’s Shoes and Other Enchanted Tales is suitable from for children aged three years and up. With no scary stories, it is suitable for listening to before going to bed.  It has sixty minutes worth of stories and songs and a four page booklet with lyrics and story information. The title story is an original tale about the mermaid of Byron. Unique and unusual acoustic instruments are featured on the album include zyladrum, lyre, chavaquino, tabla, harp and bells. Culturally, the stories and songs range between Australia , China , Ireland , Russia and Japan.
A bonus track on the album is ‘Goldenheart’ – an original tale by Jenni accompanied by lyre. Such is its power and popularity it is the third most listened to track on one of America ‘s biggest storytelling sites, Storyteller Net (
Jenni’s latest CD is The Story Tree (and Other Nature Stories) that features Earth-inspired tales and songs aimed at cultivating in children a love for the environment. The Story Tree is suitable for relaxing bedtime listening or car trip entertainment with its tales of frogs, whales, magic trees that are infused with sounds of nature to soothe and inspire.  A story CD for our times with a message and hope for the future.
Jenni’s first album Wonder Tales of Earth and Sea (also known as Molly Whuppie and Other Wonder Tales) is for ages 4-9 and is a collection of stories for anytime listening.  The collection includes a Dreamtime story, songs to sing-a-long to and tales from the corners of the earth the depths of the sea.
The benefits of storytelling for children (as well as adults!) are that stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world, us about life and provide a way to understanding, respect and appreciate other cultures.


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