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Music for Pre-school Fitness Fun

There’s an obesity crisis among children in Australia (and many other westernised countries like USA and UK). University of Western Australia research in 2008 has found a quarter of Australian children and adolescents are estimated to be overweight, including one in four who are obese.
In addition to a balanced diet, lots of physical activity is recommended from an early age to ensure your child is a healthy and happy.
We have lots of helpful and fun resources at Educational Esteem to get your preschoolers moving and enjoying the benefits of exercise.
Wendy Fine & Judy Irwig’s Fit for Fun is an album of keep-fit songs for children of all ages and encourages kids’ co-ordination. With songs like “Jumping Jack”, “The Monster Walk” and “Curl up Small – Stand up Tall”, there is bound to be lots of movement and laughter when you put this on for the kids!
Mother Goose Action Songs is a blend of traditional nursery rhymes jazzed up to get little ones moving. Aimed at 2-5 year olds, this album is full of happy, upbeat tunes like “Polly Put the Blender on”, “Nursery Rhyme Hammer Time” and  ”Mother Goose Stretch” for a fun workout for your children.
Preschool Aerobic Fun and Action Aerobics are both appropriate for preschoolers and ideal resources for teachers and childcare workers, as well as being a handy addition to your family’s CD collection. With warm-up, aerobic, strengthening and cool-down songs and routines, these CDs introduce the concept of exercising and using the remarkable thing that is your body.
Move and Groove with Hearty Fun by Linda Adamson includes a CD, 32-page booklet of songs and actions and a DVD with a selection of songs from the New Zealand television series. New Zealander Adamson is the creator of the popular “I Love to Sing” range and her philosophy is that participation and enthusiasm are the keys to your child’s learning.  All the songs on the CD are sung by children.

Catch a Brain Wave Fitness Fun CD and Manual is for ages 3-9 and has been developed by a brain gym instructor and educational consultant.  This CD is intended to stimulate brain development through energising movements. Clear verbal instructions and sequential movements are included in this high energy musical collection and valuable resource for educators. A bonus section offers song lyrics and melodies for listening, creative movement, and relaxing. A 32-page guide is included.

So get moving to these great resources at Educational Esteem and you and the kids will be grooving in no time!


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