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Lullaby Magic

Lullabies are soothing, gentle and the ideal way to literally lull your baby, toddler or child into to a good night’s sleep.
And there’s more benefits to lullabies than just bedtime listening. Lullabies and classical music are increasingly being used in neonatal units to improve behavioural or physiological outcomes for premature babies and to manage pain during medical procedures.
Educational Esteem has one of the best online selections of lullaby music from all over the world.
For a soothing selection of global lullabies there’s the wonderful Dreamland from Putumayo Kids that features songs from Ireland, Madagascar, Mexico, Canada and Australia. These beautiful, calming songs from around the world are perfect for bedtime, meditation or relaxation.
Another fabulous offering from Putumayo Kids is African Dreamland that has enchanting songs from all over the African continent including South Africa, Uganda, Mali and Democratic Republic of Congo.  African Dreamland will take your child on a relaxing journey into the heart and soul of Africa.
Celtic Dreamland focuses on the serene and whimsical lullaby music from Ireland, Scotland and those countries like Canada and the USA whose history is infused with the heritage of settlers from Celtic homelands.
Lullaby Sweet Baby Classical Cradlesongs by Beth McBride was created to soothe babies, enrich mothers, and nurture developing minds. Beth McBride’s gentle vocals along with the musical accompaniments of Richard Lewis creates calm and restores balance after a busy day.
For classic bedtime lullabies try Lullabies: Cherished Bedtime Classics that includes on its track listing Hush, Little Baby, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra and Brahms’ Lullaby.
The wonderful Susie Tallman has Lullabies for Sleepy Eyes that has a combination of traditional Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English songs as well as lullabies in Yiddish and French. A gentle collection for a peaceful slumber.


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