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Animals in Children’s Music

Teaching children about animals not only improves literacy through reading and songs but it also promotes compassion and a sense of wonderment about the world around them.
Educational Esteem has lots of resources to entertain little ones with songs and tales of creatures great and small.

Kids Just Love…Animals by Wendy Jensen and Janet Channon has 10 tracks of animal-inspired songs from a spider to an elephant, tropical fish to a monkey. There’s also Sing a Song about Animals for ages 2-5 that has songs and dances about animals – wild animals like zebras and lions, to farm animals, this CD is lots of fun for kids and adults alike to move and groove to.

Scott Browne Animals and Dinosaurs Book and CD Set is a handy resource of songs, actions, music, movement and instrument playing for preschool children.  With songs like “I’m a Frog”, “Who’d Be a Polar Bear?” and “Animal Twist”, you are bound to have plenty of fun with the kids. This is also a perfect resource for childcare workers and preschool educators.

Putumayo Kids presents Animal Playground takes children on a global journey of multilingual animal-themed songs from Africa to Australia to the United States. The CD also includes an original music video for the song “No More Monkeys,” produced by Putumayo and shot on location in Trinidad featuring Trinidad-born artist Asheba.

Wee Sings Animals, Animals, Animals is a delightful collection of lively action songs, fun sing-a-longs, silly poems, and fingerplays. On this musical journey you’ll meet a medley of animals on the farm, at the zoo, in the garden, in the forest, at the pond, and in the air. For children aged 2 to 8, the package includes a 64-page songbook plus an accompanying CD and bonus cassette version of the same songs that are on the CD at no extra cost.

Wonderful DVDs for kids to learn more about animals are the BBC produced All About Animals Volumes 1 and  2. The show gets up close to animals like lions, reindeers, iguanas and chimpanzees and kids will learn all about the lives of these and other incredible creatures.

So go wild for all things animal and visit us at Educational Esteem!


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