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Themes of Nature in Children’s Music

The world is a wonderful place and with increased awareness of the environment and climate change, it’s important to introduce children to themes of nature as early as possible.
Games are a great way to introduce concepts, words and pictures to children. My First 3 Nature Games by Creative Educational Aids is a great way to have fun and help kids discover nature with dominoes, memory cards and an ancient board game. Made of durable recycled materials the pack has a three-drawer box holds for neat and safe storage.
For music and songs, Educational Esteem has plenty of nature-themed resources. The legendary children’s singer-songwriter Raffi has Evergreen Everblue, his ecology album that is “a musical celebration of our power to act together to preserve the earth for all generations”. Raffi’s songs are loved by teachers and students the world over and he has been honoured by the United Nations for his tireless humanitarian work and dedication to children’s wellbeing.

Beautiful Day by Paul Jamieson and Anastasia is an infectious mix of reggae, pop and calypso rhythms that appeal to children and adults alike. With messages of recycling, conservation and a love of nature, kids are encouraged to dance, join in the actions, sing and play.

American teacher and singer-songwriter Coco Kallis has Environmental Songs for Kids to teach them about preserving the environment through singing. The songs including”If We Don’t Fix It”, “Don’t Dump Trash” and “What Have They Done to the Rain?” feature guitar, mandolin, banjo, and other instruments. The CD also contains a booklet of song texts, resource list, and activities parents and teachers can use to educate children about environmental concerns.

It’s cool to care for the environment is the message of Judy Irwig and Wendy Fine’s The Land, Sea, You and Me. A collection of memorable, environmentally friendly rhythmic songs, that encourage self-respect, respect for each other and for this wonderful world we share, this CD is aimed at kids aged 5 plus.  Heart of the World by Sarah Pirtle is also ideal for ages 5 plus and her songs celebrate the best in life with playful, yet profound lyrics that capture the wonderment of the natural world. With songs like “Butterfly Wishes”, “Move with the Moon”, “Water Cycle” and “Recycle Hokey Pokey” this CD is a gorgeous resource for nurturing a child’s awareness of the environment.


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