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Kids Just Love Dinosaurs

It’s almost a given that most kids – at some stage of their childhood – are going to go through a stage of loving dinosaurs. (Some may even grow up to be palaeontologists?!)
Well, indulge your kids’ love of dinos with lots of fun songs that’ll get you romping and stomping.
A great place to start is Sing a Song about Dinosaurs, aimed at ages 2 to 6. This CD is filled with fun songs about dinosaurs – naming them and provoking thoughts about what they and their environment must have been like. There’s also Wee Sing Dinosaurs, perfect for 2 to 8 year olds. Have fun listening to a children’s choir singing factual songs about all kinds of dinosaurs, with some silly songs along the way. Upbeat and informative songs with roaring great sound effects. Little dino fans will love this!

Or, how about Animals and Dinosaurs CD and book set from popular children’s singer and songwriter Scott Browne? Songs like “Dinosaur Shake”, “I like Dinosaurs” and “Four Little Dinosaurs” are sure to make the kids roar with fun and laughter.

Dinosaur Songs from ABC Kids has 17 dino-themed tunes, including Extinct Are the Dinosaurs, If I Was a Dinosaur and Loch Ness Monster.  Play School Dinosaurs DVD will be adored by your kids. Join the Play School presenters as they take you through the exciting world of dinosaurs. This DVD of songs, activities and stories will excite children’s imaginations and encourage play with activities like making dinosaurs out of boxes.

Most Amazing Dinosaur Songs are silly, scary and classic sing-along that presents a musical journey for dinosaur lovers of all ages. Grammy-nominated producer Leib Ostrow uses the best studio musicians and an award winning children’s chorus to bring dinosaurs back to life.


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