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Music for Baby Action Time

It’s never too early to start playing, singing and moving with baby. Babies and toddlers learn through interaction with their parents. We have lots of resources to help encourage interactive development time with your baby.
Baby Games for babies aged six weeks to one year has lap games, exercise games, rocking and bouncing games to share. Songs include “Muffin Man” “Bye Baby Bunting” and “Hey Diddle Diddle” and more. The CD comes with an activities guide and lyrics. Dots Music for Bouncy Babies! is another CD that encourages music education and development through simple and fun activities with baby. Made in New Zealand, the music is original and host Radha will show you how to sing, bounce and rock with baby. Your baby will also delight in hearing the sound of other babies on the album.
Sing to Me, I’m Yours by Judy Irwig and Wendy Fine is a CD of lovely songs for children under two. The lullabies and singing games encourage the whole family to interact with baby and makes for some very special musical moments. Wendy Fine & Judy Irwig have been writing and singing their songs for over 20 years. Their songs have been used by educators all over the world and enjoyed by parents and kids. 
Rock-a-Bye Blues: Calming Interaction Songs for Children, Parents & Caregivers is a book and CD aimed at ages 0-4. The New Zealand-made CD provides a varied choice of music to help parents and caregivers develop confidence to use music to comfort  their child and to interact playfully and musically. Perfect for bedtime routines, the music is soothing and there are 30 tracks on the CD.

Sing A Song For Babies is designed for parents to get their baby to move and enjoy music. The simple songs include “Hat on Hat Off”, “Jingling Keys” and “Big Red Car” and are fun and easy for parents to sing to. In fact, the simplicity and everyday topics of the songs make the CD a great resource for special education teachers and those who work with children for whom English is an additional language.

Gary and Carol Crees Music for Little People book and CD is traditional and original rhymes, songs and lullabies for babies and young children aged 0-3. With classics like “Incy Wincy Spider”, “Humpty Dumpty” and “Ring a Ring a Rosie” as well as many other tracks (31 in total) this collection is stimulating and engaging to enhance babies’ and children’s social and cognitive development, as well as being lots of fun. Gary and Carol Crees are Australian teachers and parents who make fun, easy, appropriate and culturally diverse music and movement ideas for children to wellbeing.

We also have DVDs to promote musical movement and fun with babies like Bright Bubs Touch and Tickle that invites parents and family to stimulate your baby through loving touch using familiar lap songs and rhymes. Your baby’s physical and emotional development is helped through bounce, swaying and circle songs. Tummy time and mirror play also feature in this session. Suited to babies aged 3-9 months, if your baby can support their head they are ready for this musical DVD session. The DVD is endorsed by Dr Anne Power, School of Education and Early Childhood Studies, University of Western Sydney. There’s also Shake it Baby, Shake it! from the Bright Bubs range that is a lively session with bouncing and upbeat dance songs. This Bright Bubs session includes scarf, ball and percussion play to stimulate your baby’s senses. Suitable for babies that can sit unsupported (ages 6-12 months).


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