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World Sings Goodnight


It doesn’t matter where you live bedtime can take on a truly global theme with lullabies from all over the world. The soothing sounds of international voices and instruments make bedtime a calm and nurturing time for your little ones (and mum and dad too!). Lullaby music is also great for students and helps them cope with exam stress and heavy workloads.

Lullabies for a Small World is 14 songs from all over the globe including Denmark, Brazil, Cameroon and Russia. There’s also World Music for Little Ears: Lullabies from Around the World with charming and sophisticated songs from Ireland, Wales, Africa, Nova Scotia, Cuba and more, all sung in the native tongues of the countries.

World Sings Goodnight has lullabies from 32 cultures like Sioux Indian, Cajun, Indonesian, American and European.  The beauty of this CD is the unique music and authentic native tongues that highlight the diversity of our world and the unifying theme of the closeness of the human family.

With its tracks from France, Cuba, Italy, Argentina, Ireland, Spain, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Brazil, and Russia, among others, Mother Earth Lullaby creates a relaxing bedtime environment for baby and young children.

Imagine one of the world’s finest classical guitarists playing at the foot of your child’s bed. Guitar Lullaby creates that experience as Ricardo Cobo, master of classical guitar, lovingly plays melodic instrumental lullabies from America, Spain, Cuba and France on solo guitar. A truly charming way to say goodnight.

Celtic Lullabies: Dreaming for Little Souls is a tender album that weaves a comforting blanket of soft words, simple melodies and subtle instrumentation. It also serves as a collection of prayers in thanks for the miracle of life God has provided.  Sure to send your children off to sleep in the most peaceful way possible.


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