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Move and Groove with Linda Adamson and Love to Sing

Frustration with the choice of music resources for teachers prompted Linda Adamson to create her own – an album sung by children for children, a book with all the lyrics and actions plus beautiful illustrations so children will know what song to choose. That was 20 years ago and Love To Sing has become a worldwide hit with teachers, parents and kids. Linda is a household name in her native New Zealand where her songs are played daily on NZ children’s television.
Her philosophy is participation and enthusiasm being the keys to your child’s learning.  The Love To Sing philosophy espouses the learning aspects of music – building language and memory skills, developing fine and gross motor skills and co-ordination and musical concepts.  But to Linda, the key is the magic connection when people sing together.
In Linda’s own words: “Enthusiasm is the key- hang loose and enjoy the experience – children will respond wholeheartedly!”
There is so much in the Love To Sing range for you to try and adore – and available from Educational Esteem. A great place to start – and early – with your child is Favourite Baby Songs with 22 songs sung by children, for children. This is a DVD with a bonus CD. Parents will love to sing to baby your little one with be fascinated by the songs.
Moving along with your child as they grow, Love to Sing has titles such as Terrific Toddler Tunes, We Love to Sing and Dance, Pre-School Fun Time and Hey Baby Let’s Rock and Roll. There’s virtually a Love To Sing DVD/CD for every occasion.
Linda’s Scholastic range is one of our most popular and customers just can’t get enough of Nursery Rhymes, Times Tables, Christmas Funtime, Move & Groove with Hearty Fun, Bop-along Songs and Playtime Songs.

You can view Love To Sing videos on YouTube:


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