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Africa for Kids

There is something very joyous and nurturing about the music from the continent of Africa. The music and instruments that represent the over 50 countries in Africa are diverse and a wonderful opportunity to instil respect and a greater understanding of other cultures. In Africa, music is an important part of everyday life and Educational Esteem has a great selection of titles for you to enjoy the music from the continent too.
Putumayo Kids Presents African Playground is a collection that “cherishes laughter, dancing and a hopeful outlook”. With tunes from African nations including Madagascar, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa and Benin, African Playground will help you learn more about – and enjoy – the beauty and joy of African culture. The artists featured on the CD are popular and important artists from the continent, including Benin’s Angelique Kidjo, South Africa’s The Mahotella Queens and Tarika Sammy from Madagascar.
There’s also African Dreamland from Putumayo Kids that will soothe your children to sleep with soft ballads. The songs on this collection promise to transport listeners of all ages on “a relaxing journey into the heart and soul of Africa”. The opening track of the collection “Nomathemba” by South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo may be familiar to adult listeners who may recall it having been used in a Nescafe coffee commercial in the late 1980s. Add to this tracks from Artists from Guinea, Mali, Cameroon and Zimbabwe, African Dreamland is a beautiful addition to your family music collection.
The Rough Guide to African Music for Children has tracks for kids, chosen by kids and presents the rich sounds of instruments and vocals from some of the best known artists in Africa. World Music Network, with the help of the music charity Music For Change, spoke to more than a thousand children, who selected their favourite African music tracks for this collection. This CD is a great all-rounder to introduce the family to the beats of Africa.
Beautiful Creatures is African music for children that mums and dads will love too – and that is exactly why it was created by South Africans Alan Glass, Ed Jordan and Paul Choritz. Using the cream of the country’s musicians, actors and singers, Beautiful Creatures has parent-friendly children’s songs that give a taste of the musical stories of South Africa.
In a 2007 interview, co-creator Ed Jordan said of the inspiration for their music that he thought “…children have a need to be more aware of how fantastic it is to be young… you know little children grow up so quickly nowadays they almost sort of bypass that age of innocence we have where it’s so great to be a kid and be young and alive and free…”.
Wendy Oldfield Presents Singalong Kidz is perfect for 0-5 year olds and is a collection of original songs inspired by the sounds and sights of South Africa and sung by children. The titles include “bath time”, “If I were a rainbow” and “African Lullaby”. Wendy Oldfield, who wrote all the songs on the album, is a well-known artist in South Africa and first came to the attention of audiences in the early 1980s in her group The Sweatbands. She is also known through her work with world music group Mondetta and her solo albums of adult contemporary music.


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