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Archive for August, 2011

Balls, Beanbags, Parachutes and More

It may just seem like all fun and games but there are also very important physical and cognitive benefits to play and structured activities. These types of activities are particularly good for children with special needs and also for group fun at daycare centres and preschools. Educational Esteem has an extensive range of great resources from Kimbo Educational – a family-run company that specialises in music and movement. Read more

Literacy Music Resources for Kids

It is widely acknowledged that music is an important part of a balanced education for children and can help improve numeracy and literacy. The simple and fun act of singing with your child will build language and early literacy skills

Also, the ability to feel, express and keep a steady beat (a consistent, repetitive pulse) is an important prerequisite for language development as it affects speech flow, attention span, motor skills and reading comprehension. There’s no better way to learn about a steady beat than through rhyme or song. Read more

Food-Smart Kids

Food is an essential part of life and also a way to teach children about health and improve literacy.  There are the names and colours of fruit and vegetables and finding out where the food comes from, as well as providing a great topic for imaginative play. Research consistently links between child nutrition and the ability of children to realise their full potential so education about food is vital.
Food can equal fun too! Read more

Dance Resources for Preschoolers

Dance for preschoolers has so many benefits – cultivating a love of dance, appreciation of music, confidence and the ability to listen and follow instructions.  Dance activities make children aware of their bodies and encourage healthy physical and cognitive development.

All-Time Favorite Dances is a great music CD for little ones to hop and bop to with classic dances like the hokey pokey, conga and the twist. There’s also a lyrics guide with dance instructions.

Dance Like a Rainbow is a beautiful resource suitable for ages 4-7 that fires the imagination and gets kids doing creative movement. Compositions including “Walking Shoes”, “Hip Hop Rainbow”, “Dance Like a Rainbow”, “Dance Trance Drums” and “Wild Jungle” promote free and fun dancing for youngsters. Read more

The Mudcakes

Kids’ music is a lot more adult-friendly these days, so much so that if you like a bit of country, rock or blues you can find music to suit all tastes in your home.

The Mudcakes is a group that’s a prime example of singer/songwriters who are leading the movement in Australia towards children’s musical entertainment that is intelligent, fun and stuff that parents can rock along to as well. In the United States it’s known as “Kinder Rock” and artists like They Might Be Giants and Laurie Berkner are stalwarts of the scene.

The Mudcakes is Australian singer/songwriter Sherry Rich and her Boston- born partner Rick Plant who first met in Nashville, had kids and wrote songs about the whole parenting experience. Read more