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Dance Resources for Preschoolers

Dance for preschoolers has so many benefits – cultivating a love of dance, appreciation of music, confidence and the ability to listen and follow instructions.  Dance activities make children aware of their bodies and encourage healthy physical and cognitive development.

All-Time Favorite Dances is a great music CD for little ones to hop and bop to with classic dances like the hokey pokey, conga and the twist. There’s also a lyrics guide with dance instructions.

Dance Like a Rainbow is a beautiful resource suitable for ages 4-7 that fires the imagination and gets kids doing creative movement. Compositions including “Walking Shoes”, “Hip Hop Rainbow”, “Dance Like a Rainbow”, “Dance Trance Drums” and “Wild Jungle” promote free and fun dancing for youngsters.

What’s a party without dancing? Dance Party Fun has 12 songs with simple steps to get kids, even the most reluctant exercisers, moving to the grooves like “monster mash”, “shake, rattle and roll” and “Disney Mambo No.5”. The whole family will have fun with this CD.

The ever-popular ABC for Kids range has Dance Songs for Kids that features some of the best songs for dance floor fun like “YMCA” “Nutbush City Limits”, “Here We Go ‘Round The Mulberry Bush’’ and “The Chicken Dance”. It’s so much fun to join in with the kids and have your very own dance party and this is an ideal CD soundtrack for kids’ parties.

Dancing to the Beat volumes 1 and 2 is a favourite with preschool teachers as well as a great addition to your family music collection. Designed for children ages 2 and up this collection is full of songs parents and kids will delight in like “dingle dangle, scarecrow”, “rockabye your bear”, “barnyard dance”, “jungle jingle” and “wiggerley woo”. Produced by New Zealand’s Tessarose Children’s Music who creates music resources with children’s developmental needs in mind, the songs on Dancing to the Beat have lyrics that are repetitive and clear so children can learn to sing the songs themselves. Interestingly, the songs are recorded in a higher pitch because research shows that children respond to his best.

With Jingle Jam Dance kids can pretend, through dance moves, to be a robot, pilot, scarecrow and more. Dances like the popular “freeze” song, “silly sausage dance” and “let’s twist” make Jingle Jam Dance a great party games soundtrack for musical chairs, pass the parcel and musical statues.

Australian children’s entertainer Mike Jackson has produced Rig-a-Jig-Jig: Dances for Little Kids – a 2-volume collection of songs and dances for 3 to 7 year olds. These CDs have a uniquely Australian flavour with plenty of bush dances and fun grooves like “School Daze Rap Dance” and “Tennessee Wig Walk”. Mike Jackson has been entertaining children all over the world for more than 25 years and his CDs are favourites with parents for long car journeys!

So, if you feel like dancing with your little ones, pop over to our store and check out our excellent dance resources.


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