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Food-Smart Kids

Food is an essential part of life and also a way to teach children about health and improve literacy.  There are the names and colours of fruit and vegetables and finding out where the food comes from, as well as providing a great topic for imaginative play. Research consistently links between child nutrition and the ability of children to realise their full potential so education about food is vital.
Food can equal fun too!

Ronno Smart Moves, Smart Foods Book and CD (Ages 3-9) is a multi-purpose resource full of songs and activities to teach kids about nutrition and encourage healthy habits and exercise. The CD is by Ronno, a Canadian-born and internationally renowned children’s performer and Liz Jones-Twomey (aka Miss J.T) and all the activities and songs are brain-based, following the belief that the body, brain and mind are deeply interconnected.  The set includes an 82-page companion teachers’ manual, which features guided-movement instructions and diagrams; creative nutrition and physical fitness activities and games; and nutrition song lyric sheets.

Food Groups Game for ages 5-plus has three association games where kids will learn where different foods come from, the major food groups and how they are important to everyday health. Additionally, games are powerful ways to improve your child’s concentration and decision-making skills.

Fruits, Vegetables and their Plants is another fun and educational game with a food focus. Preschoolers (aged 4-plus) can match fruits and vegetables to their respective plants.

Healthy Eating game is a fun-filled resource to teach preschoolers about nutrition and healthy eating by matching objects to their proper groups or creating a balanced meal. The game is part of the Fun with Science range and also requires players to burn off calories from physical activities.

Picnic Playground from the ever-popular Putumayo Kids range celebrates music, food and good times. This collection is a “feast” of international tunes about food, cooking and healthy eating including “Eat Like a Rainbow (from American artist Jay Mankita), the Caribbean-flavoured “Ice Cream” (Asheba), “Beautiful Day” (by South Africa’s Kheswa) and “Let’s Bake Cookies” (from Canadian artist Maggie G). Picnic Playground is a joyous CD that will get the family dancing (it’s a great one to play while cooking with your kids in the kitchen).

Dancing in the Kitchen by renowned children’s artist Franciscus Henri has songs about food and cooking. The ARIA-nominated album has been a favourite since its release in 1991 and kids will move to the culinary grooves of 30 tracks including “mix a pancake”, “pizza song” and “flim flam”. This CD is a sure-fire way to get kids having fun in the kitchen (hopefully while they are helping mum or dad cook!).

On Top Of Spaghetti from ABC Kids is all about food! This collection has favourite food-themes tunes like “Food Glorious Food”, “Jelly on a Plate”, “Spaghetti Bolognaise” and “Animal Crackers In My Soup”. The songs span the generations and guarantee lively sing-alongs in the kitchen or car.

Play School Munch and Crunch DVD is a fun offering from the television show beloved by parents and children alike. The Play School presenters (including Alex Papps, Jay Laga’aia, Abi Tucker, Rhys Muldoon and Georgie Parker) and favourite toys like Big Ted, Jemima and Humpty Dumpty share the fun of making delicious healthy food and exploring food-themed activities like exploring a worm farm, making corn husk dolls and playing shop.


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