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Literacy Music Resources for Kids

It is widely acknowledged that music is an important part of a balanced education for children and can help improve numeracy and literacy. The simple and fun act of singing with your child will build language and early literacy skills

Also, the ability to feel, express and keep a steady beat (a consistent, repetitive pulse) is an important prerequisite for language development as it affects speech flow, attention span, motor skills and reading comprehension. There’s no better way to learn about a steady beat than through rhyme or song. Hap Palmer’s One Little Sound Fun with Phonics and Numbers is a fun, musical way for children to learn about phonics, reading, writing, and mathematics. Hap Palmer is a pioneer in the integration of early childhood music and movement. Palmer’s songs enhance the development of motor skills, language acquisition, reading readiness, and math concepts. Palmer has won a slew of awards for his music including the coveted Parents’ Choice Award and gongs from the American Library Association and the National Association of Parent Publications.

Another title from Hap Palmer is Two Little Sounds – original compositions and unique adaptations of traditional favourites like “Hickory, Dickory, Dock”, “Ten Monkeys in a Tree”, “How Many are Here?” and “Tall Tremendous Tens And Wee Wonderful Ones”. These songs stimulate learning through active involvement by encouraging children to listen, think, move, and sing. This CD is ideal for ages 4-9.

Leaping Literacy! (Rhythm Sticks, Ribbons and Games for Reading Readiness) is aimed at kids Aged 4-8 and uses rhythm and movement as tools to reinforce basic literacy foundations. Popular children’s singer, Don Monopoli sings the 16 tracks on this title.  Monopoli is part of the trio The Learning Station who has over 27 music CDs and a philosophy of “healthy music for a child’s heart, body and mind”.

Literacy in Motion (Music & Movement with the Learning Station) is a CD where your kids can dance along to songs based in children’s classic books like Where the Wild Things Are, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This CD has 20 interactive songs, dances and activities from the trio The Learning Station that are designed to motivate children to read and foster a lifelong love for reading.

Rockin’ Reading Readiness by Dr Pam Schiller and Ronno is aimed at inspiring children to learn literacy concepts from rocking’, energetic music. Skills covered on this title include oral language (sentence structure, vocabulary building, listening), phonological awareness (alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyming words), letter awareness and word families. Dr Schiller is expert in early childhood having been a childcare administrator, kindergarten teacher and Head of the Early Childhood Department at the University of Houston. Ronno, who teams up with Dr Schiller and sings the songs on this CD, is a Canadian-born and internationally renowned children’s performer.

Laugh ‘N Learn Silly Songs will have your children rolling with laughter while they sing and dance along with familiar and original tunes. This title is another from Dr Pam Schiller, who believes Laughter helps children with memory and alertness, which makes learning easier.  The CD also includes an accompanying guide to help parents, teachers and librarians use the music. The guide includes brain information, lyrics and activities for every song.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our resources that combine words and numbers with music fun!


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