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The Mudcakes

Kids’ music is a lot more adult-friendly these days, so much so that if you like a bit of country, rock or blues you can find music to suit all tastes in your home.

The Mudcakes is a group that’s a prime example of singer/songwriters who are leading the movement in Australia towards children’s musical entertainment that is intelligent, fun and stuff that parents can rock along to as well. In the United States it’s known as “Kinder Rock” and artists like They Might Be Giants and Laurie Berkner are stalwarts of the scene.

The Mudcakes is Australian singer/songwriter Sherry Rich and her Boston- born partner Rick Plant who first met in Nashville, had kids and wrote songs about the whole parenting experience.The Mudcakes carved a following in the United States (their debut album Songs for Little Monkeys was named in the New York Post’s Top Ten CDs for Kids in 2004.

Relocating to Australia in 2007 Rich and Plant are busy playing concerts and gigs at music festivals, libraries and special events. Adults really appreciate the music that is infused with rockabilly, folk pop, 60’s garage, surf, reggae, bluegrass and ukulele-laced Hawaiian sounds.

Songs for Little Monkeys, released in 2004, has a family-friendly attitude with songs that focus on the daily rhythms of life with kids.  Songs like “How Many Teeth?”, “Poo Party”, “Bath Time” and “The Snot Song” are full of fun and sing-song silliness.

The group followed on with Cave Baby that is perfect for families who love to rock! “Nappy Change”, “Pack Up Time” and “I love Playing With You” are some of the songs on this CD that has a bluesy, rockabilly vibe (you could be forgiven for thinking you listening to acts at the legendary Grand Ole Opry!).

Songs for Little Sleepyheads is a delightful collection of music for little monkeys (and mama and papa monkey!) that soothes at bedtime. The eleven songs on the CD include “I See the Moon”, “Froggy Goodnight”, “Drifting and Dreaming” and “The Sleepy Body Song”. The sounds are soft and hypnotic; sweet vocals lull the senses into a happy sleep.

If you appreciate fine musicianship (The Mudcakes have enlisted the help of muso mates who have performed with The Dixie Chicks and Reba McIntyre and Rick Plant has played with legendary artists like Emmylou Harris) then get The Mudcakes on high rotation in your car and home.


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