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Multicultural Dances for Kids

Introducing children to dances from around the world is a wonderful way to teach them about cultural diversity and encourages creativity.  It’s never too early to start either – there are plenty of resources to allow you to bring the world to your child, whether it is at home or in the classroom.

Around the World in Dance features lively and fun dance experiences for children by Henry “Buzz “Glass and Rosemary Hallum PhD who have been creating music and movement resources for families since the 1970s. Off the Wall Dances is a collection of folk dances for ages 2-9 from Gary and Carol Crees that promotes coordination, body awareness and social skills. The Crees have been working in Australian early education for over 20 years and have a philosophy that music, movement and the creative arts gives a richness and joy in life that adds to individual, family and community health. The CD also comes with a book.
Shenanigans’ Bush Dances of New Holland is a terrific resource for primary aged children onwards and includes dances from a variety of styles and cultures, including standard Australian bush dances. Other cultural influences on the collection are ‘Louisiana Saturday Night’, the Serbian ‘Scissor Dance’ and the old English ‘Sellenger’s Round’. Shenanigans are one of Australia’s best-known and regarded educational troupes who have conducted bush dance and world dance and multicultural workshops at hundreds of schools over the years. Shenanigans’ original music release Dance Music for Children is still a favourite with schools and features folk dances from Poland, Ukraine, Israel and Denmark.

Simple Folk Dances is just that – easy-to-follow and fun dances suitable for ages 3-6. These traditional folk dances that are slow, repetitive and contain the basic coordination skills children need to develop. Each dance has rhyming words that describe or direct the movement. Tracks 1-9 contain music with narrative directions and each dance is repeated twice. Tracks 10-18 contain music only.
For some unusual and really fun multicultural dance experiences, Children’s Folk Dances by Georgiana Stewart takes you on a world trip from America to Scotland to Korea. A guide with lyrics and instructions is included. Georgiana Stewart is a highly regarded education specialist who has authored more that 55 CDs. She is renowned for her music, movement and aerobic CDs, which are a hit with teachers around the world.


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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for the links, I’ll have my kids knowing all the moves in no time. Louise

    February 9, 2014 @ 7:10 pm

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