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Music Fun for Toddlers

The toddler years can be challenging but children aged 1-3 years are also a lot of fun. Toddlers love music and imaginative play and we have plenty of resources at Educational Esteem for you and your little ones to have fun and help them develop their sense of selves and the world around them!
Fun Activities for Toddlers has simple activity songs, physical fitness routines and creative movement exercises to delight kids while they develop listening, perceptual and motor skills. Developing these skills in the early years is crucial for a child’s development and this CD and guide has progressive activities to challenge two-year-olds right up to almost four-year-olds.
Teach a Toddler features playful songs for learning and is broken down into sections for 1-2 year olds 2-3 year olds. The great strength of this CD is that each track specifies skills and topic like “hello time”, “loosening up”, “rhythms” and “pretending and locomotion”.
Tots Preschool Music Class is aimed at 2-3 year olds and is a mainstay of music education in New Zealand preschools, where it has been a major success. As children progress through each session in the series they gather basic musical skills appropriate to their age. Presented by Radha Sahar, a popular music producer and composer in New Zealand, Tots Preschool Music Class features original songs that are developmentally appropriate and fun for adults to join in with too!
Wriggle and Jiggle takes tots on a music journey from the warm Caribbean Sea, a helicopter ride and right back to the adventures that wait at the bottom of the garden. Presented by the Kids Music Company – New Zealand duo Wendy Jensen and Janet Channon – the songs on Wriggle and Jiggle help a child to progress through essential learning stages while developing co-ordination, language and an understanding of the world around them. Jensen and Channon, who started Kids Music Company over 20 years ago, see the positive contribution music and movement makes to a young child’s growth and development. This album is an award winner and suitable for ages 2-6. Kids Music Company advocates the Orff style of teaching. This was developed by Carl Orff in the 1930s and incorporates melody, rhythm and movement to teach children. The method is well-established and respected around the world among music teachers and practitioners.
Another award-winning Kids Music Company title available from us is Teddy Jumps, which is aimed at the very young (0-4). These early years are recognised as being critical in a child’s development. The Teddy Jumps collection involves young children in bouncing, crawling, jumping, swinging, stamping, tickling, stretching, singing, playing instruments and relaxing for sleep.
Hap Palmer is a giant in the world of music and movement for children and the appropriately titled So Big has songs geared towards encouraging youngsters to move, sing and engage in make-believe. American Palmer has been a musician, composer, and singer for over 40 years and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the integration of music and movement for kids, so much so that he teaches early education teachers in this area. Each song on So Big is repeated in an instrumental version that encourages children to sing along to the song themselves. “Ten Wiggle Worms”, “Teddy Bear Playtime” and “Baby Chickie” are some of the fun and engaging songs that make this collection a must-have for fun time with your toddler.


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