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Relaxation Music for Children

As parents we know that having kids isn’t all fun and games. There are many times our little ones need quiet time, calming down and help to manage emotions. In fact, emotional intelligence programs, which are increasingly part of curriculum at schools, promote and teach guided breathing activities for children.

Mother Nature Guided Relaxation is a resource for children and caregivers alike. On this CD clear instructions are set against a background of pure nature sounds and the occasional presence of a beautifully played acoustic guitar. There are four tracks on the CD – a short guided relaxation, a listening track, full guided relaxation and a beautiful Brahms’ Lullaby with nature sounds.
Likewise Water Baby (nature and nurture) is a beautiful, calming nature soundtrack – bubbling summer streams, ducks, frogs, insects and birds. During the recording mother and baby take a relaxing nature walk that will allow baby to discover sounds and bond with mummy. The CD also features the sound of a heartbeat that has been proven by several scientific studies to calm fretful babies.
Bedtime stories are also a great way to calm children at bedtime and send them off into a peaceful sleep.
Sleepy Time Tales: The Princess Who Wouldn’t Go To Sleep and To the Sunset are deep relaxation stories for bedtime for ages 3-9. Written and presented by Australian Noni Turner, who created the stories and guided relaxations as a way to soothe her children (and then her grandchildren) and make bedtime less stressful. The CDs begin with a story followed by guided meditation/relaxation, which helps the process of being eased into sleep become more familiar as the meditations are used. The children wind down to the familiar activity of listening to a bedtime story and then they are calm enough to engage with the relaxation activities. Noni Turner is a hypnotherapist and psychological astrologer based in Melbourne. Currently the CDs in the collection are about a little girl (something to bear in mind if you are looking for resources for older boys).

YogaPlay and Relaxation for Young Children is a CD and book that features movement and relaxation resource that uses stories, songs & games to increase children’s ability to focus and balance. The activities draw upon yoga, creative dance, qigong and tai chi – all known for their calming and health benefits. The CD is by Gary and Carol Crees, who are major players in early education resources with a focus on the wellbeing of kids through music and movement.

Hap Palmer is one of the greats of children’s music and movement and Sea Gulls is his relaxation CD – suitable for all ages (that means you too mum and dad!). Slow motion activities (stretching amongst others) and appropriately titled music tracks (summer rain, misty canyon, coming home and Sea Gulls among others) ensure a peaceful nap or bedtime.



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