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Archive for April, 2012

Rock and Roll for Kids

When you think rock and roll you think Happy Days, Elvis Presley, electric guitar and lots and lots of fun.

Rock and roll music is an excellent way to integrate fun, movement and learning for children.

Bean Bag Rock n’ Roll has songs from the 1950s and 1960s like “Happy Days”, “Shake, Rattle & Roll’’ and “Blue Suede Shoes’’ geared towards manipulation activities using bean bags. The CD comes with an activities book, which helps kids learn concepts such as body identification, directions, improve coordination and team work. The CD is aimed at 3-9 years olds. Bean bags are a widely used tool for activities to aid balance and coordination skills. Read more

Italian For Kids

Italian is a popular and fun language for children to learn – it’s bellissimo!

Educational Esteem has the Little Pim Italian for Little Kids three-DVD pack that is “entertainment immersion’’ with a mixture of animation and real-life kids, which teaches words and phrases for everyday activities. each 35-minute DVD contains seven five-minute episodes and introduces over 60 words and phrases. The three discs cover “eating and drinking”, “wake up smiling” and “playtime”. This resource is billed as “fun with languages’’ and it certainly is! Aimed at ages 0 to 5. Read more

About Wheels for Kids

Do you often find yourself pointing out cars, trucks and other things with wheels while you are out and about with your kids? That’s because wheels are fun and there are so many activities and songs to enjoy that celebrate the things that get us around. Read more

Early Learning: Colours, Shapes and Sizes

Shapes, sizes and colours – these are the nuts and bolts of educational concepts for children and you will find every reason to make it fun with the resources available from Educational Esteem. Understanding these concepts is vital for a child’s perception of their world and there are opportunities to focus on them everywhere.

Bingo is a great game to play with kids and Colours and Shapes Bingo is aimed at many skill levels. The game teaches 10 colours and six shapes and is appropriate for small or large groups – an ideal game for home or resource for the classroom. Read more

Jazz for Kids

There’s nothing to say that jazz is only for adults.   This musical style lends itself well to children – from the fun, upbeat tunes of Jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald and all the sounds of a big band to the soothing chords of a jazz guitar. Read more

Early Learning: Numbers

There are a lot of resources for you to help your kids have fun with numbers and it sets the building blocks for early childhood mathematics. There are so many opportunities all around to have fun with numbers and we have lots on offer at Educational Esteem to help. Read more