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About Wheels for Kids

Do you often find yourself pointing out cars, trucks and other things with wheels while you are out and about with your kids? That’s because wheels are fun and there are so many activities and songs to enjoy that celebrate the things that get us around.

Play School Wheels DVD is full of all things with wheels – bicycles, wheelchairs, waterwheels – presented by favourite presenters Karen, Andrew and Georgie. The Play School toys also get rides in all sorts of handcrafted forms of transport.

Car Tunes is a perfect addition to your vehicle’s music selection. Music makes car rides with children so much more fun (and often bearable!) and this 3-CD pack has the titles Travelling Songs for in the Car, Play School in the Car and Bananas in Pyjamas – Bumping and a Jumping. Play School in the Car in particular has old school presenters  Noni Hazelhurst  and John Hamblin (parents will remember them well) singing fun songs like “Buckle Up”, “They’re Digging a Hole in the Road”, “Driving through the Night”  and a fantastically fun “I Spy”.

The Wheels on the Bus is a fun collection of great travelling songs for kids. There’s 36 sing-a-long songs with the ever-popular “The Wheels on the Bus” to keep young travellers happy and entertained. Some of the other songs are, ‘”Oh, I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside”, “Ten Green Bottles”, and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

The wonderful Susie Tallman has Let’s Go: Travel, Car and Camp Songs to keep your family having fun on road trips. Tallman’s fresh, upbeat styles, real instruments, lots of voices, and an interesting takes on the old favourites like “Polly Wolly Doodle”, “On Top of Spaghetti” and “A Sailor Went to Sea” ensures that this CD will become a firm favourite.

Colin Rides On is the transport-inspired collection that has songs about feet, scooters and bikes to helicopters, planes and rockets. The CD is produced and presented by Kiwi company Tessarose – respected entertainers Tessa Grigg and Brian Ringrose. Colin the Kiwi is the character on this CD and Colin likes to go places. On Colin Rides On he discovers all sorts of ways to get around. The music from Tessarose is developed with children’s developmental needs in mind so they are great for home and as educational resources.

Bop it in the Rocket is from Julie Wylie, a world-renowned paediatric music specialist from New Zealand. This CD is all about going on a journey and all the exciting parts of that experience. Wylie creates a musical journey – from going to outer space on a rocket to riding a “blues” train or even a tractor. This CD will prompt all sorts of questions and activities about places to go and adventures to be had.


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