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Early Learning: Colours, Shapes and Sizes

Shapes, sizes and colours – these are the nuts and bolts of educational concepts for children and you will find every reason to make it fun with the resources available from Educational Esteem. Understanding these concepts is vital for a child’s perception of their world and there are opportunities to focus on them everywhere.

Bingo is a great game to play with kids and Colours and Shapes Bingo is aimed at many skill levels. The game teaches 10 colours and six shapes and is appropriate for small or large groups – an ideal game for home or resource for the classroom.

Fun with Shapes and Colours game requires players to complete drawings on their colourful play boards, placing the missing geometric shapes corresponding to the thrown dice. This game is great to help children aged 4+ to recognise shapes and to distinguish colours.

Fun with Sizes game is a puzzle that interlocks to show progressions in sizes, for instance a cat, to a lion to an elephant to show small, medium and large. Concepts of size are very important for children to grasp – teaching size is the foundation of learning opposites. This puzzle is a great family game to play for ages 4+.

A sure fire hit for the kids is the Play School Shapes DVD where favourite presenters and characters explore the shapes we find all around us in our homes, gardens, body shapes and animals. This is all done in the format parents and children know and love – songs, stories and craft activities.

So Smart Shapes is a DVD from ABC Video that is specially made for babies aged 6-36 months.  The 30-minute program features Cecil the Circle, Suzie the Square and Traci the Triangle who take babies on a colourful and fun trip where the shapes transform into animals and other familiar objects. The DVD has a classical music soundtrack and little ones can clap and dance along.

Pass the Bag game is a great one for the family, in particular ages 3-7. Armed with a bag each and a playing board that tells them what shapes they need, players use their sense of touch to distinguish pieces of different shape and size. This game from Child’s Play has long been a favourite with families and teachers (it’s been around since the early 1970s) and is also great for children with special needs.


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