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Italian For Kids

Italian is a popular and fun language for children to learn – it’s bellissimo!

Educational Esteem has the Little Pim Italian for Little Kids three-DVD pack that is “entertainment immersion’’ with a mixture of animation and real-life kids, which teaches words and phrases for everyday activities. each 35-minute DVD contains seven five-minute episodes and introduces over 60 words and phrases. The three discs cover “eating and drinking”, “wake up smiling” and “playtime”. This resource is billed as “fun with languages’’ and it certainly is! Aimed at ages 0 to 5.

An Italian Adventure takes children on a cultural and linguistic trip around Italy. Pinocchio is your guide as the famous little puppet boy who will show you many of the beautiful and famous Italian sights through film and photos on DVD. The Narration is simple and in English. If you have never been to Italy, this journey will provide you with a taster (mmm…the food is one of the best parts of Italian Culture), of what you can expect when you finally visit this wonderful country. An Italian Adventure also includes a teacher resource book and bonus CD with some catchy and easy-to-sing-along-with songs in Italian. This is ideal for kindergarten age.

Teach Me Everyday Italian Vol 1 and Teach Me Italian Vol 2 are books and CD resources, which brings language alive through brilliant illustrations as you listen, learn and sing along with songs for children. The books have full colour illustrations and hardcover binding (great for wear and tear from eager-to-learn kids). Language is learned through characters Peter and Marie. Volume 1 focuses on the basic words and phrases and volume 2 is about the different activities Peter and Marie do like going to the zoo, the farm and celebrating holidays like Christmas.

Buongiorno Signora – Volume 1 has 13 original songs with a fun approach to learning Italian. Some of the themes covered are greetings, weather, manners and seasons. Teachers will love this resource – An A3 Song Book comes complete with colourful poster-size lyric charts and A4 activity book is filled with worksheets and colouring in activities to complement each song.

Christmas is a huge celebration in Italy and a vital part of learning the language is understanding this integral part of the culture. Buon Natale: Learning Songs & Traditions in Italian celebrates the traditions of Christmas in Italy through the magic of song and story. The illustrated hardcover book shares the rich heritage, culture and beliefs of Italy during Christmas. The family or class will have so much fun singing and learning about an Italian Christmas.

So visit us pronto, pronto to get your kids started with Italian.


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