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Rock and Roll for Kids

When you think rock and roll you think Happy Days, Elvis Presley, electric guitar and lots and lots of fun.

Rock and roll music is an excellent way to integrate fun, movement and learning for children.

Bean Bag Rock n’ Roll has songs from the 1950s and 1960s like “Happy Days”, “Shake, Rattle & Roll’’ and “Blue Suede Shoes’’ geared towards manipulation activities using bean bags. The CD comes with an activities book, which helps kids learn concepts such as body identification, directions, improve coordination and team work. The CD is aimed at 3-9 years olds. Bean bags are a widely used tool for activities to aid balance and coordination skills.

Patsy Biscoe is a legend in music and entertainment for Australian children and Gen-X parents will remember her from kids’ shows of the day Fat Cat and Friends and Here’s Humphrey. Now they can introduce their children to Patsy’s music. On Patsy Biscoe Rock ‘n’ Roll she sings 16 songs on this collection including “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’’, “See You Later Alligator’’ and “Witch Doctor’’ for kids to bop along to.

You can’t go wrong with a collection from Putumayo Kids who gather well known international artists and up and coming musicians to put together titles with distinctive global flavours. One of Putumayo Kids’ latest collections is Rock & Roll Playground – modern songs influenced by rock and roll roots. This compilation also includes a read-aloud booklet with notes about the history of rock & roll and the story of each song.

The Learning Station’s Rock ‘n Roll Songs that Teach is intended to get children jamming with action, participation and fun. The movement songs with a rock and roll vibe will motivate kids to dance, play and learn new skills – circle games and nursery rhymes. The Learning Station is a US trio of musician/entertainers with an early education background. The trio have recorded over 300 songs and 28 albums so their track record with creating engaging and educational music experiences is hard to beat.

Combine fitness and rollicking tunes with Rock ‘n Roll Fitness Fun. The “oldies but goodies’’ tunes include “The Twist’’, “Rock Around the Clock’’ and “Surfin’ USA’’. The CD includes a lyrics and instructions book. Georgiana Stewart is the person behind this title and is a highly regarded education specialist who has authored more that 55 CDs. She is renowned for her music, movement and aerobic CDs, which are a hit with teachers around the world.

Hey Baby Let’s Rock and Roll from the incredibly popular Love to Sing range is a DVD and CD package. The songs are sung by children for children and this particular collection of original songs is rock and roll inspired. The brainchild of world-renowned Kiwi early childhood music expert Linda Adamson, Love to Sing is all about participation and enthusiasm being key to your child’s learning.

It may only be rock and roll but you’ll love all the resources we have at Educational Esteem that will have you doing the twist…or maybe rocking around the clock?!


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