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Celtic Music For Kids

Music is synonymous with the Celtic tradition. Storytelling and song have been the traditional ways that tales and history were passed down through generations. The music and stories from the Celt nations – Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Brittany and Cornwall – have so many benefits for children.

Jim Weiss Celtic Treasures is a collection of original and traditional tales on CD. Weiss is an award-winning American storyteller whose voice has been described as “liquid gold’’ and who reels families into the magic of his retellings of ancient tales. When Weiss performs for children he strives to give them a link between classical literature and their own personal life experiences. On this collection ancient stories of bards and warriors are accompanied enhanced with music from acclaimed US pianist Paul Machlis who has an Irish and Scottish background.

For a soothing bedtime experience Celtic Dreamland from Putumayo Kids focuses on the serene and whimsical lullaby music from Ireland, Scotland and those countries like Canada and the USA whose history is infused with the heritage of settlers from Celtic homelands.

Celtic Lullabies: Dreaming for Little Souls has the softest of instrumentation and melodies to lull your little ones to a peaceful sleep. The collection has a prayerful feeling that celebrates life.  Some tracks include “May the Angels’’ and “The Infant King’’ give you the flavour of the album, which is like a cosy blanket of soft words and melodies.

Another excellent collection of traditional lullabies is Celtic Dreams. The lyrics are full of dreamy woodland animals, castles and mermaids. Some songs include Irish Felim’s Wee Boat, Evening Prayer from Wales and The Mermaid’s Lullaby from Scotland. A gentle collection for a seriously serene slumber.


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