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Archive for July, 2012

Paul Jamieson

Paul Jamieson truly lives up to his name “The Music Man”. Also, known as “Jamo”, Paul is London-born of caribbean descent and his songs are fun and infused with contagious rhythms to have people of all ages moving and grooving.

With eight albums, a DVD and numerous television appearances under his belt, Paul is one of Australia’s best and busiest children’s entertainers. Reggae, rap, calypso and pop are just a few of the styles covered in his CDs that are all available at Educational Esteem. Read more

Early Learning: Alphabet

The alphabet is the one of the most important things your child will learn – letters are literally the building blocks of language and there are so many fun ways to celebrate the ABCs.

The Alphabet Fun Game is different activities and games to encourage children to discover the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. The game includes a set of 26 pairs of self-correcting puzzles with a Reading Readiness Reward Certificate inside. Ideal for ages four plus. Read more

Family Fun 3

Have your own family dance party or sing-a-long in the car with some of the great selection of kid and parent-friendly music we have at Educational Esteem.

The exuberant collection There’s an Orchestra in my Kitchen by Wendy Fine has songs full of madcap fun and silliness. Can you really imagine ‘an orchestra in your kitchen’? Well respected and popular songwriter Fine brings these kind of images to life to make for some madcap musical moments. There’s also songs on the CD like `Why can’t I plant a chewing gum tree?’, `I want to be healthy and strong’ and `I don’t want to go to bed’. Read more

Gary and Carol Crees

Gary and Carol Crees have dedicated their lives to improving the wellbeing of children through music and movement. They are united and strong in their philosophy that music, movement and the creative arts promotes a joy in life that adds to individual wellbeing and “family and community health”.

The Crees combine music and movement to promote fun and effective learning. The couple have spent more than 20 year developing fun, educational CDs, DVDs and books for 0-9 year olds for effective brain development. Read more