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Early Learning: Alphabet

The alphabet is the one of the most important things your child will learn – letters are literally the building blocks of language and there are so many fun ways to celebrate the ABCs.

The Alphabet Fun Game is different activities and games to encourage children to discover the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. The game includes a set of 26 pairs of self-correcting puzzles with a Reading Readiness Reward Certificate inside. Ideal for ages four plus.

The wonderful Hap Palmer presents letter fun in Can A Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet? Hap Palmer has a special way of communicating educational concepts to children through his original songs and wildly fun music. Hap Palmer is know in educational music circles as a legend for his engaging songs for children. He specialises in songs to help develop reading, numeracy and motor skills.

A to Z Animals and Me is aimed at ages two to five and promises a unique approach to learning the alphabet. There’s a song for every letter and each letter is represented by an animal – your home will be filled with armadillos, elephants, rabbits, otters and walruses when you play this collection. The songs on this CD encourage movement, dramatisation and fantasy play. Lots of fun for alphabet animal learning.

Popular Australian music entertainer Mark Travers – known as “My Friend Mark” – presents Alphabet Songs. Mark teaches preschoolers alphabet basics through energetic songs that parents will love too. There’s a song for every letter of the alphabet.

There’s also the mega-collection of 50 number and alphabet songs from ABC Kids – there’s all the classics here including “Five Little Ducks”, “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” and “One, Two, Buckle my Shoe”.

The critically acclaimed  “Love to Sing” range covers the alphabet and this DVD helps children learn phonics and letter formation through song. The DVD is interactive and children learn about each letter through a sound, word, picture and song.

So get your little ones singing their ABCs and with so many ways to do it there’s something for everyone.


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