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Family Fun 3

Have your own family dance party or sing-a-long in the car with some of the great selection of kid and parent-friendly music we have at Educational Esteem.

The exuberant collection There’s an Orchestra in my Kitchen by Wendy Fine has songs full of madcap fun and silliness. Can you really imagine ‘an orchestra in your kitchen’? Well respected and popular songwriter Fine brings these kind of images to life to make for some madcap musical moments. There’s also songs on the CD like `Why can’t I plant a chewing gum tree?’, `I want to be healthy and strong’ and `I don’t want to go to bed’.

The Mighty BuZZniks are Aussie ‘kindie-rock’ super stars. ‘Kindie rock’ is the kind of music that is made for kids by hip and contemporary artists (think Laurie Berkner, They Might Be Giants) and parents won’t mind bopping along to it as well. The band hails from Melbourne and  their music is geared towards two to five year olds 5 with a quirky mix of cool grooves and rock. Try The Great Space Circus for some family fun. The band promotes lots of listener participation with their songs like ‘To Be A Bug’, ‘Katie And The Spider’ and ‘Our Kitchen’.

Children get to that stage where they LOVE silly and gross rhymes, songs and humour (farts and snot, anyone?) and ABC for Kids has a great collection called Smelly Songs and Repulsive Rhymes to satisfy this interest. There’s the classics that generations have laughed and laughed to like ‘Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It’s Flavour?’, ‘Nobody Likes Me (Think I’ll Go Eat Worms)’ and ‘On Top Of Spaghetti’ plus many more songs that will keep the children entertained.

The master of Australian children’s music Peter Combe presents 25 animal-themed songs called Thelma Brown Lived in a Zoo. This collection is a musical trip through the zoo (you’ll meet frogs, kangaroos…and a hairy gorilla, among others) and in typical Combe style, the songs are zany, action-packed and most of all, fun!

Another Aussie stalwart of children’s music and songwriting is Franciscus Henri who has a great knack of combining entertaining lyrics with catchy music. His collection White Pyjamas covers runs the gamut with songs like `Dance with Dolly’ to `Five Coconuts’ to `A Zoo in My House’. Henri has been creating music for children for decades and has gained worldwide recognition. This album in particular was ARIA-nominated in 1991 and re-released due to popular demand.

Coco’s Lunch CD Wally Wombat Shuffle is a delightful bunch of songs about all sorts including Wally Wombat and other animals, as well as day-to-day experiences for kids like going to bed, taking a ride on a bicycle and greeting the day with a big “hello! The group – a female vocal and hand percussion sextet – performs a cappella for adults but also do music for children, including this popular collection.

So, make family fun time extra memorable with this selection of music.


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