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Gary and Carol Crees

Gary and Carol Crees have dedicated their lives to improving the wellbeing of children through music and movement. They are united and strong in their philosophy that music, movement and the creative arts promotes a joy in life that adds to individual wellbeing and “family and community health”.

The Crees combine music and movement to promote fun and effective learning. The couple have spent more than 20 year developing fun, educational CDs, DVDs and books for 0-9 year olds for effective brain development.

With Carol, a trained teacher, social worker and folk dance teacher and Gary, a teacher, musician and yoga instructor, the resources they produce are very popular with educators and parents, in their native Australia and worldwide.

One of their most popular resources is the CD and book YogaPlay and Relaxation for Young Children. It uses stories, songs and games to increase children’s ability to focus and balance. The activities draw upon yoga, creative dance, qigong and tai chi to encourage a varied movement experience for children. The accompanying book includes background information, illustration of sequences, stories and games as well as relaxation and visualisation activities.

Carol Crees’s folk dance expertise is infused in Dances Around the World for Young Children Book and CD. It is aimed at 2-9 year olds and features traditional dances from around the world adapted to promote movement skills for youngsters. According to the Crees, folk dancing is a wonderful way to increase body awareness, gross motor skills and is a means of self expression & social contact.

A perfect accompaniment to the Dances Around the World CD is Songs Around the World Book and CD. It has traditional songs and singing games from many different countries including Denmark, France, Ghana, Germany, India, Russia, Samoa and Saudi Arabia. The songs have been specially chosen and adapted for early childhood education settings.

A beautiful and soothing collection is Music for Little People Book and CD (Ages 0-3) that has traditional lullabies and rhymes, which encourage cognitive and social learning. This CD is particularly appropriate for children with special needs. Includes a teacher’s book.

Favourite Songs for ages 2-8 has original, action-packed songs for lots of movement and adventure. Song titles like Singing in the kitchen, Singasongalong, Rub a dub dub and Crash and bang band leave you in no doubt what kind of fun your children are in for when you play this CD.


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