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Archive for September, 2012

New Video from the Mudcakes


Finding a fun, entertaining new DVD for your children that you also enjoy is a challenge – and a joy when you find one!
The Mudcakes is husband and wife duo Sherry Rich and Rick Plant whose rich experience both in America and Australia has seen them produce quirky, funky, playful music for families to enjoy. Before they had children, Sherry and Rick were hip musicians making their living as musos in Nashville so they understand the transition from carefree coupledom to the happy, messy, tiring adventure of parenthood. Read more

Kids in the Garden

With the spring weather upon us it’s a great time to celebrate all things outdoors. As well as learning about animals, plants and the weather, a focus on the great outdoors builds compassion, sensitivity and wonderment.

Play School has a special DVD dedicated to things that happen in the garden. Play School in the Garden features presenters Justine Clarke, Sofya Gollan, Jay Laga’aia, Alex Papps, Matt Passmore and Leah Vandenberg who take little viewers through fun, songs, activities and stories about the adventures and delights that are in your own backyard and parks. Make a pond, discover tadpoles and frogs, dig in the dirt and have fun with your toys on a backyard sleeepout. Read more