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Kids in the Garden

With the spring weather upon us it’s a great time to celebrate all things outdoors. As well as learning about animals, plants and the weather, a focus on the great outdoors builds compassion, sensitivity and wonderment.

Play School has a special DVD dedicated to things that happen in the garden. Play School in the Garden features presenters Justine Clarke, Sofya Gollan, Jay Laga’aia, Alex Papps, Matt Passmore and Leah Vandenberg who take little viewers through fun, songs, activities and stories about the adventures and delights that are in your own backyard and parks. Make a pond, discover tadpoles and frogs, dig in the dirt and have fun with your toys on a backyard sleeepout.

ABC Kids favourite Sean O’Boyle presents Garden Magic where children will enter the magical world of the garden where fairies and pixies dance as dragons sleep by the murmuring stream. With compositions steeped in folklore of faraway lands, the Fairy and Pixie Orchestra makes enchanting sounds and whimsical fun for special moments with your child.

The popular duo Charlie and Lola have a touching and fun message Look After Your Planet – a collection of 10 episodes with a focus the wonders of the outdoors and the world that we live in. The distinctive style and exuberance of the Charlie and Lola animation delights children and parents alike.

World renowned Canadian children’s music entertainer and composer Raffi presents One Light, One Sun with songs about childhood and the wonders of the simple pleasures of enjoying the outdoors. Raffi’s work has been honoured in many countries for his ethical and respectful music for children and he advocates for a child’s right to live free of commercial exploitation.

Pocketful of Wonder by US author and music artist Sarah Pirtle is all about connecting children to farm life, city life, nature and the great outdoors. Instruments like the fiddle, banjo and mandolin give this collection a fun, upbeat feel. There is also a 50-page activity book with song lyrics to accompany this collection that can be accessed by Sarah’s website

Australian favourite Franciscus Henri’s alter ego Mister Whiskers sings Aussie-themed outdoor fun on Tree House. Mr Whiskers and his dog Smiggy travel the world in a caravan pulled by a tricycle and find adventures wherever they go. On Tree House, Mr Whiskers is accompanied by The Lightening Creek Band and sings about everything from the wonders of the garden to the animals at the bottom of the sea. Tree House was recorded in 1987 and re-released in 2007 on CD by popular demand.

Sounds of the rainforest will delight and calm parent and child with Rainforest Baby from Baby Be Green. Recorded in New Zealand, each track features captivating natural sounds and charming baby-talk as mother introduces the native birds and creatures they meet. This album features actual nature recordings and the sound of a mother’s heartbeat for authentic calming and reassurance.

For fun and learning there’s Nature to Home game, which is part of the Fun With Science range of education resources. This is a matching game and helps children understand how products we use every day, like clothes, food and drink items, originate from nature.


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