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Archive for October, 2012

Susie Tallman

Susie Tallman is the founder of Rock Me Baby Records and produces music for children that parents will love too. The American, classically-trained singer has won many awards from music and parenting organisations that recognise Susie’s passion for music education and enjoyment.

A must-have CD for parents is Lullabies for Sleepy Eyes – probably one of Susie’s best-known collections. On Lullabies for Sleepy Eyes Susie does folk-renditions of lullabies from Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Yiddish, French and Australian traditions. The gentle music is soothing for children and parents who will love the soft melodies with instruments like piano, dobro, guitar, harmonica, and violin. Highlights of the CD are ‘Hush Now, My Baby’, ‘Toora, Loora Loora’ and ‘Summertime’. Read more

Story Bags

Story bags bring stories to life and help adults share storytelling with children in a very interactive way. The concept of a story bag, also known as a storysack (the storysack concept was created in England by former primary school head teacher Neil Griffiths in 1995) has become an integral part of literacy programs in schools and preschools.

As well as a picture book, the story bags available from Educational Esteem include a CD and felt characters, puppets or soft toys for you to act out the story too. You can choose a hardback or soft cover book and all items come in a handy, clear plastic carry bag. As well as the obvious benefits of the book, the supporting materials help promote skills in story setting, prediction, questioning, rhythm and much more. Read more

Music Resources for Children with Special Needs

Music for children with special needs

At Educational Esteem, we have lots of music resources for children with special needs.

Music is a wonderful way to engage children with special needs and help them to make sense of their world.

Music therapist Bill Janiak has created Songs About Me for early childhood special learners. The collection is all about movement and basic skills reinforcement in body identification, language development, listening skills, counting and more. Read more

Books for Babies

Reading to your baby is one of the best activities you can share.

It is widely recognised that the most intense period of brain development in the life of a child is from 0 to 3. Reading with your baby assists language development, recognition of facial expressions and will help foster a lifelong love of books. We have a lovely selection of books for you and your baby to enjoy together. Read more