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Music Resources for Children with Special Needs

Music for children with special needs

At Educational Esteem, we have lots of music resources for children with special needs.

Music is a wonderful way to engage children with special needs and help them to make sense of their world.

Music therapist Bill Janiak has created Songs About Me for early childhood special learners. The collection is all about movement and basic skills reinforcement in body identification, language development, listening skills, counting and more.

Janiak is a renowned American early childhood specialist and music therapist of over 40 years. He specialises in movement recordings and his philosophy is ‘we learn by doing’.

Another of Janiak’s titles is More Songs About Me that follows on from Songs About Me with tunes that concentrate on developing basic skills through participation. Songs like ‘Rock the Little Baby’, ‘Clap and Stop’ and ‘We Are All Nodding Our Heads’ are easy and enjoyable for special learners to engage with, especially in groups.

Put Your Finger in the Air is another Janiak collection aimed at special needs learners and the songs centre on creating self-awareness and body identification. The songs will help children to improve their motor control, speech and language development and coordination with fun titles like ‘Make A Circle’, ‘Swinging Your Arms and Legs’ and `Expression Song’.

With Basic Skills for Kids, Janiak has produced another collection that focus on a child’s ‘me’ world. Slow, simple and repetitive techniques explore and improve motor development, right-left discrimination, emotional awareness and more. This CD has six songs and also instrumental versions.

Olly Octopus’s Shirt is a collection of life skills songs aimed at 3-8 year olds. The topics covered include sun sense, keeping safe, crossing the road, learning to dress and lace-up shoes, and eating healthy food.  There are also songs to promote positive social and emotional relationships. The CD also includes a teacher’s guide with pages that can be photocopied for use in the classroom.

I Like Myself is a CD of songs about feelings and targeted to young children to promote physical, emotional and social development, and improve oral language skills. Research shows music is an effective way to help children understand their feelings and build self image. This CD is a great resource for circle time.


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