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Story Bags

Story bags bring stories to life and help adults share storytelling with children in a very interactive way. The concept of a story bag, also known as a storysack (the storysack concept was created in England by former primary school head teacher Neil Griffiths in 1995) has become an integral part of literacy programs in schools and preschools.

As well as a picture book, the story bags available from Educational Esteem include a CD and felt characters, puppets or soft toys for you to act out the story too. You can choose a hardback or soft cover book and all items come in a handy, clear plastic carry bag. As well as the obvious benefits of the book, the supporting materials help promote skills in story setting, prediction, questioning, rhythm and much more.

The titles available from us are:

The Emperor’s New Clothes – use 11 felt characters to storyboard the tale of the vain emperor who is swindled by a pair of tailors who tell him they can make him a grand suit that is invisible to anyone who is not very bright.

Snow White – story bag includes a reversible doll with seven dwarves that sit in pockets of Snow White’s dress. Snow White is the well-loved tale of good versus evil.

Stone Soup – 14 felt pieces help the reader create the stone soup that the hungry strangers tricks the villagers into making for them.

Little Red Hen – four hand puppets bring to life the tale of the hen who asks for help from others when she finds a grain and decides to plant it. A classic fable about work ethic.

Jack and the Beanstalk – Feltboard pieces help explain the famous story of Jack, who uses all the money his mother has in the world to buy some magic beans that grow up into the clouds.

The Princess and the Pea – cloth characters and mattresses bring to life the tale of the testing of a princess’s royalty through her sensitivity.

The story bags are excellent resources for early childhood teachers, childcare workers and schools. For home, these bags are ideal for rainy days or snuggly bedtime reading.


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