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Archive for January, 2013

Animal Songs for Kids

What child doesn’t love learning about animals? Animals provide great opportunities for children to learn about sounds, movements, the environment and caring for others.

Educational Esteem has lots of resources on animals. A great place to start is Sing A Song about Animals, from Tessarose, which is perfect for ages 2-5. This CD has lots of songs and dances about all sorts of animals – zebras and lions from the wilds of Africa, farm animals and Aussie creatures. New Zealanders Tessa Grigg and Brian Ringrose – Tessarose – are experienced specialists in using music as the medium for children to learn. Read more

About Music for Kids

Making music is lots of fun. During childhood music is particularly important for so many areas – development, literacy, movement and creativity.

Making Music from Play School is a DVD full of music-making fun with Justine, Jay, Alex, Abi, Teo and some special guests. Take a journey through lots of musical styles, from hip hop to classical. The Play School team shows new ways of making and enjoying music through stories and play – the toys are there too with a few musical treats of their own. Read more

Creative Movement and Play for Kids

Childhood is all about play and exploring physicality and movement. In fact, there is a movement rising up in recent years to restore play to childhood and see children get messy and use their bodies and imagination. This push is in response to the fact that children’s lives are more sedentary these days and focus on a lot more “screen time’’ for entertainment and play.

Educational Esteem specialise in resources to encourage creative movement and activities for Children.

Splish, Splash, Splosh by Janet Channon and Wendy Jensen is a book and CD that encourages lots of jumping, balancing and tightrope walking through imaginative activities. The philosophy of this CD and its activities is that through singing, moving, playing instruments and imaginative play, the whole body – and brain – is involved in the learning. Brain integration, through fun coordination games are exercised in ‘Good Manners’ and ‘Criss Cross’. Instrument playing and dancing is the order of the day on ‘Join the Fiesta’ and imaginative play and healthy eating is encouraged in the song  ‘Lunchtime’. Read more

Say Hello to Mr Whiskers


Mr Whiskers is the creation of Franciscus Henri, the Australian-based children’s musician and entertainer. Mr Whiskers and his dog Smiggy travel the world in a caravan pulled by a tricycle. When Mister Whiskers and Smiggy come to town flowers wave, cats and dogs dance together and all the children sing…’HELLO MISTER WHISKERS!’. Read more

Music for Rhythm Sticks

The song goes ‘hit me with your rhythm sticks…’ and musical sticks really are a great, fun, educational resource for children. Rhythm sticks, also known as Lummi sticks – after the Lummi Native American people – are cylindrical sticks used as a musical instrument.

These sticks are a popular activity in preschool and primary schools and Educational Esteem has plenty of resources for ages three to eight.

Lummi Sticks from Kimbo International is a CD collection of 12 routines for parents and teachers to use with children. Lummi activities are simple, repetitive and fun – the routines develop fine and gross motor skills, increase listening skills and promote a rhythmic awareness. Tracks include ‘Are You Happy?’, ‘Tap Together’ and ‘Be a Tapper’ – lots of fun for group activities. Read more

Music and Poetry to Celebrate Childhood

It is the most magical time of life and where almost all brain development occurs – childhood. Let’s celebrate it!

There are many wonderful children’s musicians who are devoted to celebrating the special, and most important, time that is childhood.

Jack Grunsky, a Canadian singer and songwriter, creates music that helps children see that they are part of a beautiful world. In fact, his CD collection, My Beautiful World, uses everyday moments that children experience and combines them with energetic, upbeat songs and clever lyrics to create a fun music experience. Songs like ‘Look who’s in my family’, ‘pots and pans’, ‘pet song’ and ‘home-made cooking’ give you an idea of how Grunsky used the everyday and turns them into magical, wonderful moments. Read more

Yoga Resources for Children

There are so many benefits of yoga – and not just for adults.
Yoga is great for children too and there are so many ways to incorporate the postures, meditation and mindfulness of the practice into activities for little ones.

Yoga for Kids from Kimbo International is aimed at ages 3 to 8 and introduces postures and beginner techniques based on well-known animals and objects. The soundtrack of this CD is soothing and promotes calmness and stillness – things that are so important for children to learn early in life to equip them to be emotionally healthy adults. A booklet is included. Read more

New Release! Happy Beats for Young Children by Gary and Carol Crees

Gary and Carol Crees are world-renowned for their resources for kids that encourage well being through music and movement. Their newest release is Happy Beats for Young Children, full of songs for singing, rhyming and dancing. The inspiration behind the title was to create a fun, danceable and boppy! The CD has 12 songs, plus seven backtracks, which are songs without the vocals.

With an emphasis on getting children to become more aware of their bodies and movements, songs like ‘Happy Hands’, ‘That’s Our Skin’ and ‘Bop ‘til ya Boogie’, children will enjoy a variety of styles of music to quickly engage children to move more. The Sydney-based Crees create their education resources from the basis that music, movement and the arts enrich individual and family wellbeing and this flows out to the community.

The recommended age for this CD is 2-8 and also appropriate for classroom activities. The backtracks are perfect for use by teachers who might want to use the material for concert performance activities. The CD also includes a teacher’s guide.

Patsy Biscoe

Patsy Biscoe is somewhat of a national treasure in terms of Australian children’s entertainment.

Patsy really rose to national prominence in the 1970s and 1980s when she was a regular on the popular children’s television programs Here’s Humphrey and Fat Cat & Friends. With her distinctive thick black bob hair and guitar, Patsy has released more than 10 albums of popular nursery rhymes and other songs that generations of Aussie kids – and many overseas – have loved.

At Educational Esteem we have lots of Patsy’s titles to enjoy. Read more

Let’s Go to the Beach


Summer is synonymous with the Beach and sand and sun…lots of fun!

Play School at the Beach is a super DVD with the gang from the best-loved children’s show singing songs about summer, beach activities and lots more. The toy gang of Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima and Humpty make sand castles, play in the water and soak up the sunshine! The presenters on this DVD collection are Justine Clarke, Teo Gebert, Jay Laga’aia and Karen Pang. Read more