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Animal Songs for Kids

What child doesn’t love learning about animals? Animals provide great opportunities for children to learn about sounds, movements, the environment and caring for others.

Educational Esteem has lots of resources on animals. A great place to start is Sing A Song about Animals, from Tessarose, which is perfect for ages 2-5. This CD has lots of songs and dances about all sorts of animals – zebras and lions from the wilds of Africa, farm animals and Aussie creatures. New Zealanders Tessa Grigg and Brian Ringrose – Tessarose – are experienced specialists in using music as the medium for children to learn.

For a softer, calmer pace there’s Animal Lullabies by Mandy Ross – a book and CD of imagined poems that animals sing to their little ones. This book is cutely illustrated to accompany the affectionate and humorous poems. You and your child will be whisked away to night-time in the Animal Kingdom and the time for all the animal children to go to bed – just like human children.
On the flip side of the lullabies book is Mandy Ross’s Animal Exercises: Poems to Keep Fit, which describes in upbeat, humorous language and tone about the way animals move, whether it’s a monkey swinging in trees or Cheetahs pounding fast through the plains. Mandy Ross is a much-loved British children’s author and poet who conducts workshops all over Britain and introduces students to poetry.

Hap Palmer’s Animal Antics is a cheeky, rich assortment of songs about creatures great and small. Hap Palmer is a world-renowned musician, composer, and singer for over 40 years and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the integration of music and movement for kids. His animals songs on this CD explore how animals move – slow turtle to the quick rabbit; from the light, delicate butterfly to the heavy hippopotamus – and this encourages children to do the same and experience a wide range of movements.

An important message surrounding animals is that of conservation. Save the Animals, Save the Earth: Songs about Endangered Animals & the Earth is an important education resource to help children to become responsible for the Earth. The tracks on the CD cover issues like recycling, conservation, the ozone layer and more. The information on the CD is approved by United States Fish and Wildlife and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Raffi, the Canadian singer-songwriter and children’s entertainer, has his best-selling collection Animal Songs. In his distinctive style, Raffi presents the songs in a way that teaches children, not only about creatures, but the environment and conservation as well. His well known songs like ‘Tingalayo’ and ‘Baby Beluga’ are featured as well as Raffi’s versions of classics like ‘Going to the Zoo’ and ‘5 Little Ducks’. Raffi is one of the originals in children’s entertainment.


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