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Creative Movement and Play for Kids

Childhood is all about play and exploring physicality and movement. In fact, there is a movement rising up in recent years to restore play to childhood and see children get messy and use their bodies and imagination. This push is in response to the fact that children’s lives are more sedentary these days and focus on a lot more “screen time’’ for entertainment and play.

Educational Esteem specialise in resources to encourage creative movement and activities for Children.

Splish, Splash, Splosh by Janet Channon and Wendy Jensen is a book and CD that encourages lots of jumping, balancing and tightrope walking through imaginative activities. The philosophy of this CD and its activities is that through singing, moving, playing instruments and imaginative play, the whole body – and brain – is involved in the learning. Brain integration, through fun coordination games are exercised in ‘Good Manners’ and ‘Criss Cross’. Instrument playing and dancing is the order of the day on ‘Join the Fiesta’ and imaginative play and healthy eating is encouraged in the song  ‘Lunchtime’.

Choo Choo to the Zoo: Creative Movement and Play is ideal for ages 3-6 and has lots of movement activities to do with animals. There’s dancing elephants, tree-topping giraffes and branch-swinging monkeys, among others, that children will ‘meet’ on this CD. Then everyone join the “fancy-dance” parade all the way home. The opportunities for dance and imagination are endless on this very fun collection.

Jingle Jam Move and Groove CD is all about getting children to move their bodies in different ways and explore their physicality. Through stretches, twists and bends, as well as character play so that they mimic characters like pirates, fairies, giants and penguins, children The “Move and Groove’’ songs and activities promote body awareness, coordination and fitness. Musical concepts are also explored on this collection like low, loud, quiet, fast, slow, long and short. Aimed at ages 2-8.

Activity Songs and Games from Georgiana Stewart is a CD focused on improving motor skills through exercises, creative movement and games. The songs and activities on this collection address body identification awareness and self-awareness while they move, play, listen and learn. Georgiana Stewart is a world-renowned education specialist who is known for her music, movement and aerobic CDs, popular with teachers around the world.

Scott Browne presents book and CD All Together full of fun songs including ‘Crocodile Rap’, ‘Jngle Walk’,’One Little Teddy Bear’ and ‘Vegie Patch’. Scott Browne specialises in music for preschoolers and uses songs, stories, movement and instruments to help develop little ones’ motor, social and literacy skills.

Get your Wriggling fingers ready because there’s plenty of fun finger play games and action songs on Preschool Action Time, aimed at 2-5 year olds. The songs on this CD will captivate the high-energy little people that preschoolers are. Preschoolers have such natural movement and ways of expressing thems


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