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Music for Bean Bag Fun

Bean bags are a popular learning resource for coordination, literacy and numeracy.

Bean Bag Fun is a CD for ages three to eight and has music routines that are ideal for childcare, kindergarten and the early years of school. Some of the routines are ‘Bean Bag Kick Line’ for eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, ‘On the March’ for balance and body identification and ‘Beanie’s Song’ is a partner toss and catch game.

Multicultural Bean Bag Fun is a great collection to help teach world traditions and rhythms in an active and engaging way. Children will travel to other cultures through the use of the bean bags and this CD – hopscotch Bolivian style, Japanese Kabuki dancing and planting rice in the Philippines. Teaching important concepts and motor skills are the focus of these activities.

Bean Bag Activities & Coordination Skills CD is the classic resource. Individual and group routines focus on body identification, throwing and catching, slow and fast, marching, balancing and circle games.

For a groovier beat there’s Bean Bag Rock & Roll that uses songs from the 1950s and 1960s and clever activities to help kids learn concepts such as body identification, directionality (high/low, right/left, up/down to promote coordination, team work and following directions. The CD comes with an instructions guide.

Julie Wylie’s Do the Bean Bag Bop Book and CD is for three to six year olds and features bean bag games, music activities and songs for listening and learning. These bean-bag songs, musical games, chants and music activities are designed to help children develop a love of music, dance, drama and strong music skills and knowledge. Julie Wylie is a world-recognised early childhood music specialist and founded the volunteer organisation Musical Parenting to educate parents on interacting with their children through music.

Me and My Bean Bag is full of tracks like ‘Bean Bag Boogie’, ‘Bean Bag Juggle’ and ‘Take that Bean Bag’ to cultivate skills like balance, juggling and throwing. There’s also plenty of opportunity for dancing and fun!


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