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Music for Rhythm Sticks

The song goes ‘hit me with your rhythm sticks…’ and musical sticks really are a great, fun, educational resource for children. Rhythm sticks, also known as Lummi sticks – after the Lummi Native American people – are cylindrical sticks used as a musical instrument.

These sticks are a popular activity in preschool and primary schools and Educational Esteem has plenty of resources for ages three to eight.

Lummi Sticks from Kimbo International is a CD collection of 12 routines for parents and teachers to use with children. Lummi activities are simple, repetitive and fun – the routines develop fine and gross motor skills, increase listening skills and promote a rhythmic awareness. Tracks include ‘Are You Happy?’, ‘Tap Together’ and ‘Be a Tapper’ – lots of fun for group activities.

Rhythm Sticks Rap and Tap has 18 tracks including “Rockabilly Rhythm Sticks’’, ‘Rhythm Stick Cha Cha’ and ‘Kool Kats’. Children gain rhythmic sense, develop motor skills and the musical patterns reinforce skills such as loud/soft, fast/slow, up and down, back, forward, colours and numbers.

Renowned US special education and dance primary school educator Georgiana Stewart presents Rhythm Sticks Rock, which channels the grooves of the 1950s and 1960s for lots of tapping fun! Each selection has narrated instructions and the guide includes lyrics. This CD is a favourite for classroom activities that include imaginative play, partner activities, a circle game, and a twist and a twirl dance.

Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities make routines accessible for ages three to six. The routines on this CD are simple and repetitive and recorded with children’s voices. The routines, including ‘It’s a Small, Small World’, ‘Mickey Mouse March’ and ‘Sesame Street’ appeal to preschoolers and school beginners with their fun, active beats.

For stick activities with a global beat there’s Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun. Authentic folk tunes and songs from around the world are the soundtrack for easy rhythm stick activities. Travel to Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Russia, Japan, India, West Africa, China, Germany and more as you do these activities. Includes a guide with lyrics and instructions.

Rhythm Stick Activity Fun is an essential classroom resource for primary age educators. The fun and purposeful routines on this Kimbo Educational collection can be used for group, pairs or individual activities. The routines are developed by Georgiana Stewart who combines her education and dance expertise to present this vibrant CD.

Add a tropical flavour to your activities with Puili-Hawaiian Rhythm Sticks. Puili sticks are a small version of authentic Hawaiian split bamboo sticks. This CD has seated, individual activities using one and two sticks, and seated partner activities using only one stick. There are varying levels of difficulty in the activities so that they can be used for several age and skill levels.


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