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Yoga Resources for Children

There are so many benefits of yoga – and not just for adults.
Yoga is great for children too and there are so many ways to incorporate the postures, meditation and mindfulness of the practice into activities for little ones.

Yoga for Kids from Kimbo International is aimed at ages 3 to 8 and introduces postures and beginner techniques based on well-known animals and objects. The soundtrack of this CD is soothing and promotes calmness and stillness – things that are so important for children to learn early in life to equip them to be emotionally healthy adults. A booklet is included.

Another CD from Kimbo International is Yoga and You and is for ages 7 plus. The routines on this collection offer breathing exercises – standing or seated – and encourage balance, and stress reduction and with relaxation techniques. There’s step-by-step narration to helps breathing and visualisation. Some of the stretches and poses include cow, stretching dog, side triangle, tree, seated forward bend, cobra and more.

Yoga Play & Relaxation for Young Children comes in CD and DVD comes from Gary and Carol Crees who are world-renowned for their resources for kids that encourage well-being through music and movement. The activities draw upon yoga, creative dance, qigong and tai chi to encourage a varied movement. The DVD includes demonstrations of warm up activities, yoga stories, games and a relaxation visualisation to create fun-based yoga experiences for young children. A book is included with the CD book includes background information, illustration of sequences, stories, games and relaxation activities.

Yoga for Children from ABC Kids is another DVD that is easy and fun for children to have a go at stretches and relaxation. On this DVD children can stretch like a cat, walk like a crab, fly like a bird and balance like a boat with fun yoga moves. The poses help youngsters learn control and focus through age-specific breathing exercises. Mindfulness is introduced in the form of “inner smile meditation’’.

Creative Yoga Exercises by Rachel Carr focuses on strengthening, balance, stretching, concentration and energy release through animal-related yoga exercise. With specially arranged music and an illustrated guide, this album is very user friendly.

StoryBook Yoga by Suzy Lederer gives a meditative twist to story time. The imaginative activities include animals and natural wonders on the CD. These are called yoga ‘opportunities’. The idea is to choose a story book with several of these themes – like a book with lots of animals or one about the weather – and when one of the animals or natural wonders appears in the story, classes can pause, turn on the CD, and do the yoga poses. The shared book reading experience helps children develop literacy skills and the yoga poses help children focus, concentrate and relax as they develop physical skills. There is a teacher’s guide included on the CD.


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