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Best Music DVDs for Children


Music DVDs are the perfect blend of entertainment that engages children in activity, movement and fun, rather than them sitting passively in front of the television.

Justine Clarke is the queen of children’s musical entertainment in Australia and Great Big World is colourful, fun and engaging. A generation of Aussie preschoolers can now sing Justine’s infectious songs like “I like to Sing’’ and “Watermelon’’ and on Great Big World, there are more bound-to-be-classic tunes like “Little Day Out’’, Climbing up a Rainbow’’ and “My Shadow and Me’’. Justine presents her songs in an accessible, humorous and joyous way. She borrows from many musical styles – jazz, pop, lullabies, folk, and soul – great for little ones’ musical enjoyment, as well as mum and dad!

Children love Hi-5 and their youthful, exuberant, fun-filled songs are a must for Aussie families’ DVD collection. Hi-5 Favourites features a collection of the best sharing stories and all-time favourite songs from the first 10 years, including “Ready or Not’’, “L.O.V.E’’, “Boom Boom Beat’’ and “Give Five’’.

The delights of legendary Aussie children’s entertainer Peter Combe are timeless and The Complete DVD Collection has 97 songs, video clips and live performances. The Combe classics like “Mr Clicketty Cane’’, “Spaghetti Bolognaise’’, “Green, Green Grass’’ and “Newspaper Mama’’ are all featured. There’s also 2008 concert “Live at Jive ‘’ where Combe performs all his kids ‘hits’ to the 20 somethings who grew up on his music in the late 80’s and want to hear the songs again and again.

To gather all the threads of his musical career, there’s also an in-depth interview with Peter about his career and musical inspirations.

For a fantastic DVD for children there’s Love To Sing Favourites. New Zealander Linda Adamson created her own music resources for children over 20 years ago and the range I Love to Sing is beloved by parents, teachers and children all over the world. The songs are sung by children for children and The Love to Sing philosophy espouses the learning aspects of music – building language and memory skills, developing fine and gross motor skills and co-ordination and musical concepts. Linda’s songs are played daily on NZ children’s television and this DVD collection is a selection of the most popular ones.

No “best of’’ music DVD selection would be complete without Franciscus Henri, aka Mister Whiskers. The Franciscus Henri Collection features mad cap Oh No! It’s the Franciscus Henri Video and Franciscus Henri sings I’m Hans Christian Anderson. Franciscus Henri is a stalwart of the Aussie children’s music scene and includes favourites like ‘White Pyjamas’, ‘Dancing in the Kitchen’, ‘Walking on the Milkyway’ and ‘Bag of Lollies’. I’m Hans Christian Andersen sees Henri sing about some of the great tales from the Danish writer like “Thumbelina” and “The Ugly Duckling”, along with lots of other engaging original songs to enthral your little ones. Your children will be enthralled by Franciscus and his zany style.

Lah-Lah is the jazzy, boppy five-member Aussie band drawn from adult bands like popular gypsy group Monsieur Camembert and the bands of James Morrison and Guy Sebastian. Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band has proven a hot with families who love the fresh, fun tunes like “brush your teeth”, “Lola loves to dance” and “shake it like this”. The band’s style ranges from surf-rock and jazz to gypsy. This special DVD Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band also includes a pair of Lah-Lah socks – red and white stripe long socks worn by lead singer Tina Harris.


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