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Maths Games for Kids

Maths can be a lot of fun – you just need the right resources to bring numbers to life for your children. At Educational Esteem we stock a great range from Child’s Play – a favourite with families and teachers since the early 1970s and they are also great for children with special needs.

Fruit Salad isn’t just for fans of The Wiggles. The Fruit Salad Game is aimed at four to eight year olds and has 15 fruit-shaped fraction cards and four collecting plates for a really fresh and fun way to introduce children to fractions.

Giant Dice is another great game that is fun and challenging for kids aged five to 10 of varying ability. The game has 60 counters, four collecting boards and two dice. The set of giant dice players do math involving the numbers to match corresponding numbers on their sheet.

The Numbers Factory Game has 72 cards and six playing boards. The game focuses on multiplication and division and can be used for a wide range of abilities. It’s appropriate for multi-players or individual games and encourages mental number play and independent learning.

What’s heavier? An elephant or a car? Weight Training is a card game of luck, prediction and skill, with 112 different picture cards and their weights from grams to tonnes. A lot of fun for the whole family!

Another cool fractions game is Vegetable Soup with 48 veggie shaped cards. There are three games within Vegetable Soup – Know Your Onions, Soup of the Day, and Super Soup. These games provide experience in understanding that a whole can be made from different combinations of fractions. Intrigued? Try some Vegetable Soup with your kids!

Pass the Bag game is a great one for the family, in particular ages 3-7. Armed with a bag each and a playing board that tells them what shapes they need, players use their sense of touch to distinguish pieces of different shape and size.


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  1. Thank you for sharing such great ideas. I have some friends who have children who are struggling a little with maths, I am sure she would love to try these ideas out. I love the idea of the Fruit Salad game, anything that can make fractions more exciting and enjoyable is great.

    September 23, 2013 @ 10:40 pm

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